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  1. Case Management Services. We offer individual program planning, information, referral and advocacy services.
  2. Crisis Management. We provide 24-hour supervision and on-going supportive counseling to residents. Staff is trained to handle behavioral emergencies as the need arises on a continual basis.
  3. Medication and Symptom Monitoring and Management. We supervise and train residents to manage their own illness and psychotropic medications on a daily basis. We have designed a step level program which encourages the residents to successfully achieve an independent self-medication regime.
  4. Activities in Daily Living. We provide practical experience in all aspects of daily living, including nutrition, shopping, use of leisure time, sexual concerns, medication, health and housekeeping.
  5. Socialization Activities. We offer group experiences designed to provide opportunities for improved interaction with others in a learning environment. Referrals to recovery groups, stress groups, and men's and women's support groups are a part of this service.
  6. Recreational Activities. Our activities director offers a wide variety of experience occurring both within and outside of all three houses, including dinner parties, swimming, music, pottery, movies and many others.
  7. Transportation. We train residents to use public transportation. The Lane Transit District (LTD) bus stops are near all three homes. Residents learn to use the bus system to and from the homes.

Halfway House Services, Inc., does not discriminate based on gender, race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, handicap, familial status, or age.

Equal Housing Opportunity

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