By Jade Emory
Oahu Island News, February 2002


Valentines Day is an opportunity to contemplate the insights of astrology into our potentials in love relationships, and the kinds of partners we may attract and choose.

ARIES enjoys the initial attraction of new relationships, but may lack staying power, getting bored quickly without constant creative stimulation. It is attracted to youthful enthusiasm, playfulness and ambition.

TAURUS has staying power. It is devoted, compliant, loyal, consistent, and sensual, but may need to work on possessiveness. It is attracted to physical beauty, musical and artistic talent, and affluence.

GEMINI loves mental stimulation and physical mobility. While Gemini may be inconsistent, or attract inconsistency in a partner, it is flexible and usually willing to compromise.

CANCER chooses partners emotionally. It is nurturing and sensitive, with a tendency, in romantic relationships, to become a surrogate parent or child, thus setting up dependency rather than inter-independence.

LEO is romantic, loyal and capable of great generosity, unless its ego gets in the way. Then it wants a satellite, not a partner.

VIRGO expresses love through service and seeks partners who are devoid of selfish private agendas. Virgo is attracted to dignity, cleanliness, respectfulness, modesty and a work ethic.

LIBRA often feels incomplete without a partner, so its prerequisite to affectionate relationships is to balance itself first. Libra wants to be treated as an equal, not as superior or inferior. It is drawn to people of refined aesthetic taste and an integrated sense of morality.

SCORPIO is passionate, intense, and drawn by desire. It can be creative and destructive, so it may have multiple unions rather than persevering and improving a single evolving relationship. It may exhibit jealousy or possessiveness.

SAGITTARIUS loves independence. It is attracted to highly educated, philosophical or religious partners, well-traveled people with a broad perspective, and athletics.

CAPRICORN tends to patronize the beloved, taking responsibility for them instead of encouraging them to take responsibility for themselves. It is drawn to upward social mobility, conservatism, maturity, wisdom and convention.

AQUARIUS is attracted to cultures other than its own, often bonding with partners of different ethnic traditions. It wants a partner who is a best friend, someone unafraid to be progressive and original.

PISCES exemplifies compassion for the underdog. It may give to the point of self-abnegation in its efforts to rescue less fortunate people. Pisces requires solitude and privacy, within or without partnership.

Oahu Island News Contributing Editor Jade Emory holds degrees in psychology and education, has taught in American and Canadian universities and has been a counselor since 1970. She may be reached at 808-429-2411 or by email at

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