By Jade Emory
Oahu Island News, July 2002


As we prepare to send our children back to school, we may want to consider that life itself is a school, the earth is our classroom, and our lessons are learned consciously or experienced unconsciously.

Mercury and the "3rd house" of the birth chart suggest what kind of students we are.

ARIES, demonstrating a quick mind, is often labeled "gifted," and may begin many studies, but persevere in few.

TAURUS, a born poet, translates thoughts into artistic or musical forms. It has the patience to give physical form to its ideas, like the architect who both designs and constructs one's own home.

GEMINI explores many diverse subjects superficially. It enjoys light learning, dialogue with neighbors, and may need to develop listening skills.

CANCER is emotional in its communication and likes psychologically gratifying subjects pertaining to integration of mind with feelings.

LEO is a passionate orator, a great dancer, and is attracted to subjects that enhance self-awareness and esteem. It loves to teach young children and shines in theatrical productions.

VIRGO is extremely detailed in its intelligence, often excelling in subjects like medicine, nutrition and fine crafts.

LIBRA is refined in speech, ethical in values, and drawn to study law or aesthetics. It eschews arguments, however, so it dislikes courts. It prefers to be a mediator or peacemaker.

SCORPIO is intense in speech, even coarse in language at times. Strongly psychic, it may be a natural telepath. It is fascinated by the hidden or occult meanings of subjects such as sexuality or death. It is a born investigator or detective.

SAGITTARIUS is the philosopher, theologian, and opener of others' minds to higher ideas. Often inspired to religious ministry, it seeks meaning in life. It may struggle with irrelevant "required classes."

CAPRICORN is attracted to historical research. It is a formidable opponent in a court of law. Its mature sense of ambition and responsibility is drawn to government, politics and business.

AQUARIUS may study foreign languages, anthropology. archaeology, social justice and electronics. It has an original and inventive mind and is often ahead of its time; hence it may not be understood by the masses who think "inside the box."

PISCES is so psychic that it easily picks up on both positive and negative thoughts of others. Sometimes depressed or self-destructive, it may mistakenly seek solace or escapism through drugs or alcohol, becoming emotionally inaccessible. It may find refuge in compassionate helping professions.

Oahu Island News Contributing Editor Jade Emory holds degrees in psychology and education, has taught in American and Canadian universities and has been a counselor since 1970. She may be reached at 808-429-2411 or by email at

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