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Jade Emory
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Jade Emory holds degrees in Psychology and Education. She has taught at American and Canadian Universities, and has been a professional astrologer and counselor since 1970. She wrote a monthly astrology column in the Hawaiian newspaper Oahu Island News from 2001 to 2007.

Ms. Emory has studied the ancient Chinese oracle "I Ching" since 1952, has been a student of metaphysical Christianity and inspired by Native American traditions since 1972, studied Hawaiian spirituality under the renowned kahuna Auntie Edith Kanaka'ole, and was initiated into Siddha Meditation by Swami Muktananda in 1978.

She creates birth charts that include 28 asteroids, 8 trans-Neptunian planets beyond Pluto's orbit, 2 planetoids, 3 Arabic power points, 2 suns beyond our solar system, and updates with both progressions to the closest birthday and current transits. The charts also include focus on Jungian analysis, linking soul-calling with personality.

Clients are encouraged to contemplate and present their concerns, with all questions welcome, whether mundane or esoteric.

All consultations are tape-recorded, and the client is sent the tape.


Barters Gladly Considered

Birth charts with progressions and transits
Relocation charts to a specific town
Astrolocality maps of a given continent
Fertility angles for a year, with essentially no taping
I Ching Readings
Tarot readings
Synastry between 2 people's charts after each natal chart with updates is analyzed
Synastry between 2 people's charts straight (analyzing each chart as I do the synastry, and having no progressions or transits)

For an explanation of rates and more information, contact Jade Emory at: lori.jade.emory@gmail.com.

Master Astrologer Jade Emory has THE most comprehensive understanding of the planets, asteroids and other plantoids, which guide the souls journey, of any astrologer I have met. Her grasp of how one's personal psychology is definitively laid out in one's natal and progress charts has opened my eyes to a rich comprehensive understanding of myself and the world of astrology. My being an initiate on the spiritual path of sound and light, Jade's reading comes from both a spiritual and humane perspective, illuminating truths and insights which have deepened my understanding of my soul's journey in this lifetime. Her wit and humor, intellectual brilliance and ability to weave together the mundane human experience with divine knowing is an experience of self realization. I call Jade the astrologer's astrologer, as for those who understand the complex language of the stars, her readings will be one of the highlights of your life. Know thyself and step closer to the One. Her guidance is of greatest assistance during these changing times. It has illuminated my path. I highly recommend her.Kauakea Winston


"I have been relying on Jade's astrological readings and wisdom for over 15 years. Her ability to perceive the deeper spiritual, as well as mundane aspects of astrology is extraordinary. Jade's insights have helped me through numerous periods of arduous growth, providing clarity and support, as well as wit amidst the challenging aspects. Jade is a gem among counselors."—Anne Davis, Corvallis, Oregon

Below are the astrology columns written for the Oahu Island News. They present a wide view of Astrology and how to apply it to your life and to your spiritual progress.


June, Introduction to Astrology
July, Conscious Choices
August, Relocation Charts & Asteroids
September, Family Planning
October, Choosing a Mate
November, Angles Between Planets
December, Job Options


January, Medical Astrology
February, Romance
March, Problems & Solutions
April, Moon & the 4th House
May, Helping Children
June, Replenishing Our Energy
July, Education
August, Health & Nutrition
September, Prosperity
October, True Faces
November, Travel
December, Reality Check



January, Physical Body
February, Love Relationships
March, Hobbies
April, Animals
May, Saturn & Pluto
June, Parenting
July, Independence
August, Nature
September, Grace
October, Current Mars Transits
November, Sexuality
December, Belief Systems



January, Resolutions
February, Valentine Friends
March, Romantic Partnerships
April, Improving Behavior Problems
May, Gift Giving
June, Conflict Resolution
July, Beyond Sun Signs
August, War & Peace
September, Earth Signs
October, Happiness
November, Venus
December, Home Life


January, Parenting
February, Friendship
March, A Meaningful Life
April, The Treasure Chest
May, Reincarnation
June, Business
July, Power
August, Safe Summer Camp
September, Yoga Sutras
October, Attitudinal Healing
November, Angel Wings
December, Celebration


 February, Fearlessness
 April, Just Say No
 June, Secrets of Happiness
 August, Mr. Yummy
 October, Triumph Over Evil
 December, "Theegotism"


 February, Lifetime Valentines
April, Taking Down the Father of Communism
May, Civilized Warfare


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