By Jade Emory
Oahu Island News, July 2003


Declaring independence today takes as much courage as it took in 1776. Most people would rather sacrifice their personal power and conform to an obsolete norm than would dare to travel to a foreign land to de-velop a different, and hopefully more evolved society.

The frequent mistake most often made is that newcomers seek refuge and private advantages in ethnic factions rather than assimilating into the cultural mores of their new home. Many Hawaii residents traveled here from foreign shores. Even though we are considered an American state, any sovereign Hawaiian can remind you that this is still a different country, no matter how many other cultures add to the mosaic of its social tapestry.

The truth is that every culture has potentials that can further, or can be to the detriment of their home, whether the place of origin or the new location.

ARIES not only has the courage to be independent, it’s the leader of the pack!

TAURUS is the enterprising developer of economic options, and will share music and the arts from, or with its native hosts.

GEMINI has intellectual curiosity motivating its explorations, and readiness to learn new languages.

CANCER is a homebody, only willing to leave its original home if the new location offers better emotional or domestic options.

LEO has sufficient confidence in itself to address even challenging adjustments successfully, but it must put forth effort in perceiving viewpoints other than its own.

VIRGO works its way into the new society as a healer, server, farmer or nutritionist.

LIBRA rarely is independent on its own, but for partnership, or in partnership it will create beauty, justice, fairness and civility.

SCORPIO has power no one has even fathomed before, part of which is psychic, part economic, through which it becomes established, rarely accepting the status-quo.

SAGITTARIUS loves independent long-distance travel. Religious, ideological, or educational freedoms are its reasons for transplanting.

CAPRICORN is a political powerhouse, preferring convention and tradition to making changes.

AQUARIUS is the progressive radical, ready to detach from the old and improve the world for everyone’s collective benefit, often ahead of its time.

PISCES is independent in its love of solitude. Many new realms may be discovered if one meditates on the inner world.

Oahu Island News Contributing Editor Jade Emory holds degrees in psychology and education, has taught in American and Canadian universities and has been a counselor since 1970. She may be reached at 808-429-2411 or by email at

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