By Jade Emory
Oahu Island News, September 2003


Everyone wants miracles and grace. In this, the Age of Aquarius, we will learn to give grace to each other, developing altruism, inclusiveness and humanitarianism, and dissolving the polarizing illusion of separateness, uniting through community service.

ARIES and MARS are leaders in anger management, helping people differentiate between physical discipline in sports from aggressive dominance over others. The best example of this is the ‘Nalo Boxing Club in Waimanalo.

TAURUS and VENUS are philanthropic with personal finances. They support music and fine art, the barometers of the soul’s responsiveness. The best examples of these are parents and teachers who cultivate talented children despite “budget cuts” in schools.

GEMINI and MERCURY support intellectual development, contributing to the exploration of diverse viewpoints. Gemini also provides cars and bicycles for those needing transportation.

CANCER and the MOON support emotional integration, helping people resolve feelings so that they can graduate into selflessness. Cancer also builds homes (Habitat for Humanity) and feeds the hungry (food banks).

LEO and the SUN use the confidence of ego to transcend it. Theatre and dance are wonderful arenas that enable the divine flame to shine while expressing higher truths.

VIRGO supports medical endeavors. A worthy example is the students of meditation masters who offer free cataract surgeries to blind peasants in third world countries. Virgo also supports animal sanctuaries, like the Hawaii Humane Society.

LIBRA works to combine moral rightness with legal rights, helping otherwise oppressed people from being overrun by dishonorable powers.

SCORPIO and PLUTO combine their own resources with those of non-profit foundations, focusing on hospices which support death-with-dignity and sexual rights.

SAGITARIUS and JUPITER support spiritual causes, from missionary travels to the establishment of houses of worship. They also fund universities, where higher education ultimately uplifts all humankind.

CAPRICORN and SATURN support museums, houses of history that honor traditions and preserve treasured cultural contributions. They also invest in politicians who represent their conservative priorities.

AQUARIUS and URANUS help progressive social causes, original inventions, electronic accessibility, astrology and international adoptions, uniting the world one baby at a time.

PISCES and NEPTUNE help drug and alcohol rehabilitation, prisoners rights (i.e., Amnesty International) and the survival and safety of large animals. Often using cinema, they use illusion to convey truths.

Oahu Island News Contributing Editor Jade Emory holds degrees in psychology and education, has taught in American and Canadian universities and has been a counselor since 1970. She may be reached at 808-429-2411 or by email at

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