By Jade Emory
April 2007

Taking Down
the Father of Communism

I once met a man from a Far-Eastern nation who told me that in several countries near his homeland, (Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Viet Nam), they refer to the United States as "The Father of Communism", and to themselves as "only the sons".

Incredulous, I asked, "Is that why you came to my country? Because you think we are Communists?"

He clarified, "No, you don't understand. In the U.S. corruption exists in very high places. In our countries, we can bribe the police or the post ofice, but that is how far it goes".

Neptune is the planet of either deception or idealism. It is our choice as to which potential we will elicit from our charts.

If we choose to be committed to high ideals, then we will not allow ourselves to delude ourselves or others.

People often don't even realize when they are lying to themselves. They may choose to turn a tolerant blind eye to their own faults, or the faults of their children, until one of them grows up and becomes an ax-murderer.

When people use intoxicants, legal or otherwise, to "take the edge off" their stress, they are lying to themselves.

One lie begets another, and soon people are entangled in a web of their self-imposed duplicity. Their marriages become lies. Their professional relationships become a self-serving lie.

The Native American people say that anything acquired without honor will never be retained.

If one is to manifest higher Neptune potentials from one's chart, then consistent impeccable honor with oneself first, and with everyone else next, is an absolute imperative.

There are no shades of grey with dishonesty. Honor = Trustworthiness.

Lower Neptune potentials love to disregard boundaries, including boundaries of propriety. The bonus is that Neptune also rules sleep and dreams.

If one is honest, then one will assuredly sleep well and have good dreams.

Jade Emory holds degrees in psychology and education, has taught in American and Canadian universities and has been a counselor since 1970. She may be reached at 808-429-2411 or by email at

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