By Jade Emory
Oahu Island News, April 2002

Moon Signs
and the 4th House of
Home & Garden

The placement of the moon and the 4th "house" of the birth chart indicate home, land real estate and gardening.

An Aries moon, or Mars influencing the 4th house encourages creativity and athleticism at home, modern furniture, bright colors, loud music, a home gym and yard work (yard play).

A Taurus moon, or Venus influencing the 4th house is often expressed in decor that is sensuously gratifying, peaceful music, and lavish natural surroundings with flowers, herbs and vegetables, all planted in an artistic manner.

A Gemini moon, or Mercury influencing the 4th house implies a home that is a retreat to nourish the mind with books, educational TV, jazz, light socializing with neighbors, and a low-maintanance diverse garden.

A Cancer moon, or the moon in one's 4th house indicates a secure home, a psychological refuge, with meals carefully planned and nourishing. Decor includes antiques, especially family heirlooms. Gardens are considered a neccessity and a pleasure, including trees and rocks.

A Leo moon, or the sun in the 4th house wants a home spacious enough to host parties and listen to music (opera or rock). Its decor is dramatic, theatrical and flamboyant, with red or orange as preferred colors. Its yard is an outdoor recreational playroom with kids in mind.

A Virgo moon, or Mercury in the 4th house needs an orderly neat home environment, with pure water and clean air. Home office space is common. Healthy diet is imperative, so its garden is usually organic. Music tends to repetitive chants, and small pets provide emotional equilibrium.

A Libra moon, or Venus in the 4th house has refined taste and enjoys pastel colors in an artistic, symetrically balanced decor. Often one prefers to live with a partner. The Libra garden exhibits this same harmonious distribution of elements, especially woth gorgeous ornamental flowers.

A Scorpio moon, or Pluto in the 4th house needs privacy, even secrecy in its home life. Design choices include deep rich colors reflective of its inner capacity for intense passion. Its garden includes root plants, such as taro, and a hiding place for a spare key.

A Sagittarius moon, or Jupiter in the 4th house often resides far from its place of birth. It loves unpretentious, unspoiled, and uncultivated nature in its environment. Decor often includes religious pictures, symbols or statues, and inspirational music. Low maintanance gardening provides both grounding and a sense of spiritual integration.

A Capricorn moon, or Saturn in the 4th house prefers older homes with antique furnishings, insulated from intrusive neighbors with secure fences and large bushes. The color black is often part of the decor. In addition to privacy, its gardens nourish the family.
An Aquarius moon, or Uranus in the 4th house enjoys a high-density home with decor rooted in cultural identity, even if different from biological heritage. The home includes abstract art, electric colors, ethnic or electronic music, and computers which link one to the rest of the world. Communal gardens for the benefit of others are its best connection to the land.

A Pisces moon, or Neptune in the 4th house needs privacy and solitude. It often prefers mellow, new-age music and cool colors. Gardens may include waterfalls or streams as meditation sanctuaries which "melt away stress."

Oahu Island News Contributing Editor Jade Emory holds degrees in psychology and education, has taught in American and Canadian universities and has been a counselor since 1970. She may be reached at 808-429-2411 or by email at

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