By Jade Emory
Oahu Island News, September 2002


The "2nd house" of a birth chart governs personal finances. Ther "8th house" governs shared finances. These, not the sun sign, indicate how one can generate prosperity.

Situated in either of these houses:

ARIES or Mars encourages leadership initiative in financial ventures, but it requires another more patient tenacious sign to be the "worker bees" for its creative endeavors.

TAURUS or Venus is the best "worker bee" for completing in physical form what Aries initiates in ideas. They invest in banking, land, homes, landscaping, the arts, architecture and interior design.

GEMINI or Mercury invests in education and machinery. It may spend in several ventures rather than pinning all its financial hopes on one choice.

CANCER or the moon indicates the homebody who invests in real estate as the emotional sanctuary of human life. Kitchen remodeling or expansion is justified to accomodate familty meals. Gemstones are a favorite investment.

LEO or the sun is a gambler, risking much in speculative ventures, which may be lucrative or not. It should beware get-rich-quick-scams and pyramid schemes which exploit naivite.

VIRGO prospers through health foods, medicine, meticulous crafts and support of animal friends. It is likely to invest in a healing center or pet refuge.

LIBRA prefers cooperative financial involvement, and has such refined taste that it spends on whatever makes it feel beautiful, whether its own physical appearance or its environment.

SCORPIO or Pluto attracts grant money to support its own investments. It is wisely suited to forming non-profit foundations to perpetuate its own priorities while advancing a collective good.

SAGITTARIUS or Jupiter believes in first supporting its church or spiritual master. It may make international investments and prosper through the establishment of colleges or travel agencies.

CAPRICORN or Saturn values antiquities and often prospers through historical research and museum preservation. Though fiscally conservative and cautious, it may invest in archeological digs or dives.

AQUARIUS or Uranus prospers through multicultural interests, acupuncture, electronics and astrology. Highly humanitarian, it often forms charities to solicit group involvement in unselfish endeavors.

PISCES or Neptune works behind the scenes to assist the oppressed. Often self-sacrificing, it may give to the point of self-abnegation, leaving itself without resources. It may prosper through the film industry, nursing, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, pharmaceuticals and oceanography.

Oahu Island News Contributing Editor Jade Emory holds degrees in psychology and education, has taught in American and Canadian universities and has been a counselor since 1970. She may be reached at 808-429-2411 or by email at

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