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Robert Bike, LMT

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The Eugene Saturday Market is a group of artisans who govern themselves. To have a booth, one must substantially make every item he or she sells.

I've been a member since 2001. Here are some photos of my booth, and photos of booths of friends, taken in 2002.

Click on photo to see enlargement. All photos copyright Robert Bike.

The Oregon Daily Emerald made a nice video showing the 2007 Saturday Market.

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My booth by the fountain.

My booth in the old location by the fountain. My booth is now usually near the southwest corner of the Park Blocks.

Chair massage

Chair massage at
Saturday Market.

Saturday Market

No matter what your
talent, you can sell
your wares at
Saturday Market.

Acoustic Swing Duo

Acoustic Swing Duo
at Saturday Market..

smallest booth

The smallest booths
are only 4 x 4.

Biblical Aromatherapy

Selling my book,
Biblical Aromatherapy.


Occasionally, musicians
play for tips.


There is a strolling elf, to delight children and adults.

All products are


Pete, who has cerebral palsy, makes pottery with the aid of his yellow helmet. I traded a massage for a cereal bowl.

the Park Blocks
Saturday Market
is held on the Park Blocks
in downtown Eugene.

Most booths are 8 x 8

Most booths are 8 x 8,
the size of my booth.

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