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I am an Oregon Licensed Massage Therapist (#5473) doing Biblical Aromatherapy and massage therapy in Eugene, Oregon. I offer energy work, light to deep massage, hypnotherapy, Reiki, and Jin Shin Do acupressure. I wrote a book on healing using plants mentioned in the Bible. I offer Reiki classes. I do On-Site chair massage at Saturday Market & Holiday Market. And in my "spare time," just for fun, I write about my hometown, Freeport, Illinois.

Call any time for more details: 541-465-9486. E-mail:

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May the Peace of the Creator burn in your Heart.

Light In The Darkness

As this candle is carried from one site to another, the flame of spiritual love and healing continues to light the way for those who seek to know the true self. Take this light with you to your page that it may light the way to love and healing. Watch as it travels from one place to another and in so doing it embraces our world with hope.

Peace, Love and Light !

I got the candle code at Sacred Path Reiki.


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