Freeport, Illinois

Robert Bike, LMT

Reiki Master
Massage Therapy

These are photos I took on my trip to Freeport in October of 2002.

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All photos copyright 2002 Robert Bike.

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My only photo of
Chris Clark
turned out blurry!

Cody Clark

Cody Clark

Clyde Cole

Clyde Cole

Cole family

Clyde, wife Patti,
daughter Carmella.

Twice As Nice

The Cole store,
Twice As Nice,
on Main Street in Freeport.


Consignment Shop

Inside the Coles' consignment shop.


The story of how Clyde reunited with his lost daughter.

combining soybeans

Vern Ellis harvesting soybeans.


Vern Ellis' farmhouse
south of Freeport.


Vern Ellis combining soybeans.

wood cookstove

Vern Ellis' kitchen.

bass fiddle

Vern's bass, saved from his
trailer fire.


Vern's guest bedroom.

Hudson ragtop

One of Vern's Hudsons.

black Hudson

Another of Vern's Hudsons.

more Hudsons

Several more Hudsons.

1938 Hudson

1938 Hudson.

Hudson Hornet

Hudson Hornet

Hudson detail

Hudson detail

Chris Fye & Anna Otte

Chris Fye with
my mother, Anna Otte.

Fye office building & Fawn's Niche

Chris Fye's office building
includes tenant Fawn's Niche & Botique.

Craig Stees

Craig Stees in his kitchen.

sauna stove

The old wood stove in Craig
Stees' sauna.

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