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"The body is the temple of the holy spirit within you." — 1 Corinthian 6:19

Here are seven simple and easy physical things you can do for better health and longer life.

Take care of your body, you have to live in it for the rest of your life.

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Ok, everyone. I've been preaching the benefits of drinking enough water to just about everbody I talk to. Read the article I wrote for Touchstone, the journal of the Oregon Massage Therapists Association about water.

And here are some additional musings.

  1. Drink more water. In the course of my practice, I have found an alarming number of my clients to have dehydrated tissues. Dehydration can cause symptoms of a number of diseases. Read Dehydration As A Cause of Disease, a two-part article I wrote for Touchstone, the journal of the Oregon Massage Therapists association.
  2. Get regular exercise. Recent studies have shown that even 30 minutes of walking each day promotes a stronger heart and stronger bones.
  3. Breathe fresh air. Open windows, go for walks, get out of the air conditioning and away from artificially heated air.
  4. Sleep regularly and long. Go to bed at the same time; get up at the same time. Plan on sleeping at least 7 hours every night. If your situation doesn't permit that, change your situation.
  5. Get regular sunshine. While laying in the hot sun probably isn't too healthy, daily sunshine is.
  6. Eat good food. While I've been a vegetarian since 1969, and a vegan since April 2010, I recognize that it isn't for everyone. Avoid fast foods. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits.
  7. Hug someone today. Make it a point to hug several people today. Teach children that touch is safe. Massage your friends and family. Get regular professional massages to take care of those nagging aches and pains.


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I am an Oregon Licensed Massage Therapist (#5473) doing Biblical Aromatherapy and massage therapy in Eugene, Oregon. I offer energy work, light to deep massage, Reiki, and Jin Shin Do acupressure. I offer Reiki classes. I do On-Site chair massage at businesses, fairs, events & parties. And in my "spare time," just for fun, I write about interesting people from my hometown, Freeport, Illinois. Call any time for more details: 541-465-9486. E-mail: .

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