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Biblical Aromatherapy

by Robert Bike

The Bible mentions about 232 plants by name, or closely enough to figure out what plant is meant. Of these, 24 are aromatic plants; that is, parts of the plants can be pressed or distilled to get an essential oil. Essential oils are the lifeblood of plants and have tremendous healing capabilities.

The healing power of plants is the basis for modern medicines.

Biblical Aromatherapy
discusses how the plants were used in biblical days and how you can use the essential oils from biblical plants.

Originally published in manuscript form in 1999, I completely revised the book and added illustrations.

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Remarkable Stories,
Volume 1

by Robert Bike

Remarkable events have happened in Freeport and Stephenson County, Illinois, and remarkable people have lived there. These are stories gathered about people and events from 1835 through World War II.

By no means complete, these are overviews of lives and events which shaped our country and our world. From events in the lives of Tutty Baker, Abraham Lincoln, Charles Guiteau, Leonard Colby, Jane Addams and Bob Wienand come stories that will amaze you. Welcome to Volume 1 of our living history.

The author lives in Eugene, Oregon, and works as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Life Coach. An amateur historian, parts of these stories and many more appear on this website.

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Olga Carlile, columnist for the Freeport (Illinois) Journal Standard, featured this website in her column on January 19, 2007.
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June 29, 2012
November 3, 2012


"My Life Purpose is to inspire my friends
and clients to achieve
success, health,
wealth and happiness
by empowering them
to reach their potential,
while living in harmony
with each other, animals
and our planet."
Robert Bike

Robert Bike, LMT, LLC

The World War II Roster
Stephenson County, Illinois

There are undoubtedly typos, misspelled names, and transcription errors, but the information is as accurate as I can make it. As much as possible, here are the names and photos of as many people as I can find. Research is ongoing!

My research continues, and I will add to this page as I gather more information. Soldiers who died in service are linked to my war memorial page, where more is written about them.

If you have names to add, or photos of the men and women listed below, please email me.


All sales go to help support this website.

Remarkable Stories, Volume 1
by Robert Bike

Remarkable events have happened in Freeport and Stephenson County, Illinois, and remarkable people have lived there. These are stories gathered about people and events from 1835 through World War II.

By no means complete, these are overviews of lives and events which shaped our country and our world. From events in the lives of Tutty Baker, Abraham Lincoln, Charles Guiteau, Leonard Colby, Jane Addams and Bob Wienand come stories that will amaze you. Welcome to Volume 1 of our living history.

The author lives in Eugene, Oregon, and works as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Life Coach. An amateur historian, parts of these stories and many more appear on his website, www.robertbike.com.

Buy now! Only 99 cents to download in .pdf format!

Want a paperback? List price $14.99, now only $11.99!

William C. Abbott
Milford Abels
Gerald R. Abraham
Eugene C. Ackerman
Stanley C. Ackerman
Edward C. Adams
Floyd V. Adams
Glen A. Adams
Leroy H. Adams
Lee Adamson
Kenneth C. Addams
Chester L. Afflerbaugh
Robert P. Albert KIA More info.
Paul E. Albrecht KIA More info.
Earl F. Albright
Laverne F. Albright
Milford L. Albright
John B. Alden
Donald W. Allee KIA. From Hammond, Indiana, he married Celia Irene Folbridge, who was from Stephenson County. More info.
Eddie Allen
F. Merritt Allen
Clifford C. Altenbern
Duane A. Altenbern
Frank Altenbernd
Harlan E. Altfillsch
Merrill D. Althafer More info.
Jack L. Althoff
Louis H. Althoff
Robert L. Alathoff
Dean W. Amendt
Maxine Ament
Laverne F. Amerphol
Glenn C. Ames
John Ammon Jr.
Anthony J. Amodeo
Santos F. Amodeo
Earl H. Anderson
Kenneth L. Anderson
Leroy A. Anderson
Robert H. Anderson
Royal L. Anderson
William R. Angle
David Ankney
Arthur L. Armagost Jr.
John E. Arn
James Arnold
Lawrence B. Arnold
Sulo H. Arola
Ray A. Artman
William F. Artman
Doris M. Auchstetter
Robert P. Auchstetter
Robert Augsburger
Harlan Aukes
Allen D. Auman
Dean R. Auman
Alvin C. Aurand
Dewayne Aurand
Laverne F. Aurand
Lee Aurand
Norman G. Aurand
Oscar T. Aurand
Robert Aurand
Russell L. Aurand
Edward Babcock
Glenn Babcock
Harold Babcock
Royce Babcock
Vernon Babcock
Elman C. Babler
John E. Babler
Ralph R. Babler
Frank C. Baccia
Theodore F. Bach
Robert Backus
Donald Baertschi
Lillian E. Bair
Harold L. Baker
Laverne E. Baker
Vern Baker
Wilbur Baker
Edward A. Bald
Lloyd W. Baldauf
Donald W. Baldwin
Harold Baley
Shirley Ball
Charles A. Balles
Robert R. Balles
Nicholas J. Balsamo
Tony Balsamo
Francis J. Balthazor
Charles E. Bamberg
Paul Bamberg
Joffre A. Bandert
Francis E. Bangasser
Paul F. Bangasser
Elizabeth J. Bangs
Raymond C. Bangs
Donald E. Bard KIA More info.
Carl J. Bardell
George H. Bardell
Jay J. Bardell
Karl L. Bardell
Christian A. Bares
Hubert F. Bares
Raymond F. Bares
Roland C. Bares
Clarence M. Barker
William D. Barker KIA More info.
Doris B. Barklow
Warren C. Barklow
Leland D. Barloga
Robert E. Barnhart
Frank Baron
Miles R. Barr
Leon E. Barron
Roscoe Bartelt
Ralph L. Basse
Robert C. Bast Jr.
Edward N. Bates
Harry Bates
Robert E. Bauch
Stanley C. Bauch
Clifford E. Bauer
John L. Baumgartner
Reuben A. Baumgartner
Al Bauscher
Lavernon J. Bauscher
Roger Bawden
Gerald R. Bawinkel
Laverne G. Bawinkel
Russell L. Bawinkel
William Baxter
Alvin M. Baylor
Calvin E. Baylor
Clyde L. Baylor
Kathryn C. Baylor
Laverne C. Baylor
Harry W. Beal
William R. Bear
Charles J. Beck
Clarence J. Becke
Harold Becke
Allen G. Becker
Eugene W. Becker
Frank P. Becker KIA More info.
Richard C. Becker
Helen J. Beckman
William H. Beckmeier
Anthony M. Bedin
Robert L. Belk
Dwight B. Belknap More info.
Kenneth O. Belknap More info.
Alphonso Belle
Leo Bellows
James E. Bender
George W. Bennehoff
John A. Benner
Gene Bennett
Paul Bennett
Merle R. Benning
Willard N. Benninger
Dale Benson
John Benters
Clarence Bergeman KIA More info.
Henry Bergeman
Julius F. Bergeman
Alvin E Bergemann
Walter W. Berggren
Richard P. Berhenke
Donald R. Berkbigler
John Bernet
Paul E. Bertram
Bob Bertsch
Frank S. Bertsch
Walter W. Bessert
William F. Bessert Jr. KIA More info.
Nevin E. Best
Louis Beto
Walter P. Beto
Everett E. Bicker
Laverle E. Bicker KIA More info.
Donald E. Biesemeier
Eugene B. Biesemeier KIA More info.
Ralph L. Bike More info.
Donald Bingner
Bion Birkett
Robert L. Bishop Sr.
William Bishop
Lavern H. Blair
Russell Blake
Robert E. Blaser
Jackie N. Blask
Donald R. Bleier
Kleckner E. Block
Henry R. Bloom
Laverne H. Bloom
Robert H. Bloom
Betty Bloyer
Charles L. Bloyer
Jack H. Bloyer
James G. Bloyer POW
Adolph Blum
Edward H. Blum Jr.
Robert Blum
John W. Blumhoff
Loyal K. Blust
Delbert C. Bockstahler
E. G. Boeke
Jack R. Boeke
Laverne Boeke
Max B. Boeke
William C. Boeke Sr.
Donald H. Boekholder
Gerald Boekholder
Ralph H. Boelk
Haldor J. Boettner
Henry E. Boettner
Alford Bohn
Alfred Bohn
Wilmer C. Bohnaker
Ervin R. Bokemeier
Joseph F. Boland
Vincent Boland
Oliver W. Bolender
Victor A. Bolender
Peter J. Bollman
Charles Bonavia
Peter Bonavia
Elwyn E. Bonebright
Lester R. Bonebright
Faye M. Bonjour
Raymond Bonnell
William J. Bonnet
Albert A Bons
Leroy W. Bookman
Ralph E. Bookman
Louis N. Boomgarden
Herbert W. Booth
George L. Borchardt
Hebert J. Borchers POW
Russell M. Borchers
Richard G. Borchert
Robert E. Borcherts
Harold C. Bordner
Lawrence Bordner
Thomas M. Bordner
Gerald G. Borger
Jennings Borgmann
Robert H. Bornmann
Robert D. Boschulte
James H. Bose
Francis Bottoms
Lester Bottorf
James F. Bottorff
Donald W. Bourne
Robert M. Bowen
Virgil L. Bowers
Melvin R. Bowman
Charles R. Bowser
E. James Boyd
Milford Boyd
Milton S. Boyd
Richard Boyer
Donald W. Bradford
Everett Bradford
Russell L. Bradford
John Bradley
William Bradley
Leslie O. Brandenburg More info.
Laurel D. Brandt
Robert L. Brandt
Martin L. Brandu
William P. Brannick
Edward L. Branthaver KIA More info.
James F. Branthaver
Robert C. Branthaver
Robert C. Bratley
Craig Brattrud
Elden Brauer
Theron Brauer
William A. Brault
Dominick J. Bravata
Dwain L. Brechtel
Gale W. Brechtel
Stewart Breed
Sylvia M. Breed
Leland W. Bremmer
Joseph A. Breuer
Lowell L. Brevoort
Robert L. Breyman KIA More info.
Edward J. Briggs
Harold A. Brinkmeier
Kenneth L. Brinkmeier
Paul W. Brinkmeier
Robert E. Brinkmeier
Robert L. Brinkmeier
Virgil Brinkmeier
David C. Britton
Eugene S. Brobst
Robert D. Brobst
Raymond M. Brock
Roy Brodnick
Charles L. Broege
Raymond L. Broege
Gerald J. Brookman
Ernest F. Brose
E. W. Brott
Alvin Brown
Charles Brown
Earl A. Brown
Edgar Brown
Elmer Brown
Ernest L. Brown
Francis H. Brown
George E. Brown
John M. Brown
Joseph Brown
Robert L. Brown
Robert P. Brown
Willard H. Brown
Kenneth R. Brubaker
Arthur Bruce
Robert Bruce
Sidney L. Bruce
Victor Bruce
John Bruehler
John L. Brumfield Jr.
Lloyd L. Brumfield Sr.
Dale L. Bucher
Earl C. Bucher
Orlo Bucher
Arnold B. Buckland More info.
Raymond Budde
Theodore R. Buisker
William Bumford
Willard W. Bunjer
Dawson H. Bunker
Gerald R. Bunnell
Milford O. Bunnell
Theodore J. Bunnell KIA More info.
Wayne R. Burd
Robert R. Burg
F. Eugene Burke
Mary Ann Burke
Delbert L. Burkhalter
Donald A. Burkholder
Roscoe Burley
Clarence Burlingame
Jessie Burlingame
Melvin Burington KIA More info.
Warren F. Burstrom
Alfred E. Burton
Eugene A. Burton
Kenneth D. Busekros
Robert D. Busekros
James W. Bush
Ernest Busjahn
George Busjahn
Ray M. Busjahn
Raymond M. Busjahn
Raymond W. Busker
Charles L. Buss
Ellis Buss
Glenn E. Buss
Harold Buss
Lester E. Buss
Martin H. Butler
Russell G. Buttel
Charles C. Butts
Ralph C. Buyer
George R. Byrem
John R. Cable
Carl W. Cahoon POW
Robert E. Cain
Felipe Calderon
Frank Calderon
Joseph G. Calderon
Carmen Cali
Tony Cali
Charles C. Calkins
Robert J. Calkins
David R. Campbell
John Campbell
Leotis J. Campbell
Martin E. Campbell
Tom A. Campbell
William H. Campbell KIA More info.
William O. Campbell
Merle E. Canfield KIA More info.
Anthony J. Cannova
Frank A. Cannova
Robert L. Carlile
Harry Carlisle
Arnold Carlson
Joey Carlson
Robert W. Carlson POW
James L. Carmody
Robert M. Carmody
David H. Carpenter
Garth Carpenter
Gerald M. Carpenter
Max Carpenter
Randall R. Carpenter
Richard F. Carpenter
Thomas P. Carpenter
George B. Carrick
Fred M. Carrithers
C. William Carroll
Warren J. Carroll
Christian Carstedt Jr. More info.
Floyd D. Carter
James E. Cassatt
Gerald L. Cassidy
James W. Castle
Paul L. Castle
Charles E, Castle Sr.
Edward M. Caudle
Mervin J. Cerroni
James A. Chamberlin
Kenneth H. Chambers
Roy A. Champlin
Dei J. Chang
Neal E. Chapin
Wendell Chapin
Jack W. Chapman
John T. Chappell
Walter R. Cheeseman
George J. Chiames
Donald Chisholm
Donald G. Chlupsa
Joel Cholek
Robert A. Chouinard
John A. Christen
Andrew H. Christensen
Charles F. Christensen
Mark Christine
Richard Christine
James R. Clancy
Arnold Clark
Elwyn Clark
Gordon Clark
Joseph Clark
Laurence A. Clark KIA More info.
Stanley R. Clark
William E. Clark
James R. Clarke
John S. Clarke
Richard Classon
Seymour Cleveland
Ralph Clevesy
Harold W. Cliff
Lyle W. Cline
William P, Cline
George W. Cloud Jr.
Marion H. Coates
James P. Coats
Smith D. Cobb Jr
Smith D. Cobb Sr.
Wilbur Coble
John D. Cohlmorgan
James A. Cole
Joseph D. Cole
Clyde Cole
Laventa M. Cole
William L. Cole
Alverne Collalti
Robert F. Collati KIA More info.
Edgar Collins
Eugene Collins
Laverne H. Condit
Ben C. Confer
James G. Connell
Ralph Conner
Mavis Connors
William Connors
James F. Conter
Roscoe T. Cook
Thorton Cook
Verlon E. Cook
Delmar E. Cooley
Elwood L. Coomber
Malcolm L. Coomber
Alvernon Coon
Clifford M. Coon
Robert L. Coon
Earl W. Cooper
George W. Cooper
Homer D. Cooper
Warren L. Cooper
James J. Corbett
Richard W. Corbett
Robert H. Corbett
Patricia C. Corrigan
Patrick C. Corrigan
Robert Corrigan
Clement A. Cosgrove
Darvin T. Cox
Harold A. Crackenberger
George E. Craft
Charles J. Craig
William Crain
Frederick J. Crase
Paul R. Cremer
Roy R. Croffoot
Keith A. Cross
Robert L. Crouse
Terry Crowe
Richard H. Crowell KIA More info.
Donald E. Culp
George R. Culver
Raymond Cummings
Robert L. Cummings
Wayne L. Cummings
Laverne Cummins
Fred R. Cunningham
Karl P. Cuplin
Paul O. Cuplin
Clifford T. Curboy
Gene Curran
Richard Curran
Richard E. Currier
Chuck Curry
James T. Curry
Patrick Cusack
Jaime B. Dadez
Roland Dagel
Robert C. Dahm
Henry C. Dahms
Thomas J. Daley
Joseph W. Dame
Karl E. Dame
Royal W. Dame
Allen M. Dameier
Donald Dameier
Milton D. Dameier
Dwayne A. Daniels
Dale E. Daughenbaugh KIA More info.
Melvin Daughenbaugh
Melvin E. Davidson
Aubrey Davis
Charlie T. Davis
Earl S. Davis
Edward J. Davis
James A. Davis
Dayton Daws
Helen Daws
Rus Dawson
Delbert H. Dean
George O. Dean
John J. Dean
Theodore J. Dean
Kenneth Decker
Robert E. Deemer
Carl E. Defrane
Ralph J. Defrane
Robert D. Degan
Helmut J.K. Deike
Walter Deike
Frank Deloach
Dominick P. Demichele
Donald J. Demong
Laverne E. Demong
Maurice D. Demong
Charles W. Dennis
Thomas F. Derenski
Eldon O. Derr
Robert J. Derwent
Remy Desutter
Arvil J. Devore
Donald L Devries
Edward C. Dickinson
William K. Dickman
George W. Diddens
Henry H. Diddens
Paul A. Diddens
Raymond D. Diddens
Raymond F. Dieken
Harold Diestelmeier
Walter W. Diestelmeier
Leo Dieterle
Henry A. Dieterman
Donald L. Dietmeier
Robert W. Dietmeier
Lowell W. Dietz
William J. Dikkers

Catherine A. Dillon
John C. Dillon
Raymond J. Dillon KIA More info.
Keith G. Dimmick
Paul J. Dimodica
Vito A. Dimodica
Wayne E. Dir
Gerriet L. Dirksen
Clarence R. Ditsworth
Laverne E. Ditsworth KIA More info.
Ray G. Ditsworth
Russell H. Ditsworth
Chris Dittmar
Theron E. Ditzler
Walter A. Divan
Robert A. Dixon
Johnnie Docherty
Herbert M. Doe More info.
Rozetta Doeden
Wanda Doeden
Allan Doersam

Clyde Doersam
Harold Doersam
Paul Doersam
Robert Doersam
Robert D. Dole
Virgil P. Dole
Ben C. Doll
Vincent L. Doll
Benjamin H. Dollarhide
Marvin P. Dominick
Lester H. Dommel
Betty G. Donahue
Henry C. Donahue
M. Jeanette Donahue
Robert P. Donahue
Raymond W. Donegan
Merrill G. Donmeyer
Frank P. Donner
Doyle D. Donovan
Robert H. Donovan
Edward Donstad
Everette J. Donstad
Robert Donstad
Sheldon E. Dornink
Howard A. Dorsey
Claire V. Dorst
George D. Dorst
Leo R. Dougherty
William F. Dougherty Jr.
Walter F. Dowdle
Clinton M. Downing
Eugene Downing
Earl E. Downing Sr.
Robert Downs
Lloyd O. Doyle
Willie Doyle
Ralph E. Drane
William M. Dreibelbis
William Dreier
William Dubois
Robert E. Duffield KIA More info.
Robert M. Duffy
Edgar A. Durfey
John D. Durling
Paul Durling
Dorothy Dyra
Patrick Dyra
William J. Dyra
Maurice D. Dyslin
Ralph E. Dyson
Gerald D. Earlenbaugh
William H. Earnest
Alice L. Ebel
Charles F. Eberle
Robert L. Eberle
Lawrence L. Ebert
Donald F. Edler
Raymond A. Edler
John H. Eells
William H. Eells Jr.
Everett D. Ehrler
Murele E. Eichmeier
Delbert Eicholtz
Lester Eilders
Paul B. Eilders
Donald D. Eisen
Riley R. Eisenbise
Harvey S. Eisenhower
Clayton A. Ellinger Jr.
Boyd N. Elliot
Paul I. Elliott
Harold Ellis
Leroy Ellis
Louis Elwood
Leroy R. Emford
Frank M. Emrich
William Emrich
Gaylord B. Emrick
Albert Engbert
Dick Engel
James Engel
Vernon A. Engels
Dewitt England
Benjamin F. Engle
James A. Engle
Norman A. Engle KIA More info.
Richard Engle
Willis Engle
William Engle
Thomas Ennenga
Charles F. Entmeier
William H. Entmeier
Herbert J. Enzler
Ralph D. Erdman
James B. Erwin
Erwin H. Espenschield KIA More info.
Howard Estes
Alden Ethridge
Austin K. Ethridge
Lee E. Euler Sr.
Paul E. Euler Sr.
Karl G. Eustice Sr.
Donald J. Evans
Vernon H. Evans KIA More info.
William E. Evans More info.
John Ewing
William Fair
Vernon G. Fairbairn
John A. Fallon
Walter R. Farr
Sam Fazio
Clifford Feagan
Albert Fehr
Harold Fehr
John Fehr
Ransom W. Fehr
Robert Feld
Sidney F. Felder
Nick J. Feller
Leo E. Felts
Donald Fenn
Frank E. Fenton
Charles R. Ferguson
John L. Ferguson
Raymond Ferguson
Richard E. Ferguson
Thomas A. Ferguson
Willard Ferguson
Clark N. Ferrell
Gale Ferris
Lloyd L. Ferris
Raymond J. Fertitta
Ronald D. Fickert More info.
Clifford L. Fiene
Eugene E. Fink
Marjorie W. Fink
Harry E. Finkboner
Wilbur Finkboner More info.
Dale Finkenbinder
Laverne Finkenbinder KIA More info.
R. Dale Finkenbinder
Darold R. Finkle
Wayne R. Finley
Elmer E. Fischer
Clarence Fishbourne
Clarence B. Fishburn More info.
Edwin J. Fishe
Alphonse D. Fitz
Alvin R. Fitz
Franklin A. Fitzpatrick
Kenneth P. Fleischer
John Fleming
Jay B. Flickinger
Victor Flynn
Reynold F. Foell
Paul E. Fogel
Robert R. Fogel
Thomas R. Fogel
Wayne E. Fogel
Lyle E. Fogel Sr.
Delbert M. Folgate
Eldon C. Folgate
Emmert W. Folgate
Lester R. Folgate
Ransom E. Folgate
Robert O. Folgate
William Folgate
William L. Folk
Donald Foltz
Anthony J. Fontana
N. Joe Fontana
Phillip Fontana
James Fordyce
Robert Fordyce
Kenneth E. Forrester
John E. Fosler
Dick Fosler Sr.
Edgar C. Foss
Max E. Foster
Kenneth E. Fouke
Lester N. Fouke
Harold S. Fowler
Arthur Fox
Elmer Fox
Gerald D. Fox
Donald W. Frank
Miles R. Frankenfield Jr.
Al Franklin
Ben Franklin
John Franklin
Fred G. Fransen
Henry Fransen
Herman T. Fransen
Jake Fransen
Lawrence L. Fransen
Robert Fransen
William E. Fransen
John Franz
Fred R. Franz Sr.
Marshall G. Frautschy
Wa;Lter W. Frederick
Robert W. Freidag
Frederick W. Freidag Jr.
Alvin E. Fricke
Richard Frink
Kearney Fritsch
Edwin E. Fritzenmeier
William H. Fritzenmeier
Robert E. Froning
Paul E. Fry
Willard M. Frye
Dale D. Fryer
Dean Fryer
Walter Fuchs
Darwin D. Fulfer
Frank Furray
George P. Fusco
Joseph W. Fusco
Lowell L. Fye
Robert W. Fye
Daniel H. Fyock Sr.
John E. Gaar
John E. Gabel
John M. Gage
Walt Gage
Donald J. Gaines
George Gale
Robert F. Gale
Donald A. Gallagher KIA More info.
Bessie Galway
Wilbert H. Galway KIA More info.
Carl J. Ganshert
Clayton A. Gardner
Dorothy Gardner
Leslie J. Garner
Dean R. Garrett
John G.. Garrity
William R. Garrity
Robert Gartner
Boyce C. Garvin
Charles F. Gassman
Edwin W. Gassman
George L. Gassman
Loyal P. Gassman
Robert D. Gassman
Theodore F. Gaulrapp
Edward F. Gaulrapp Sr.
Lester V. Gehre
Ralph Geithman
Joe Gentz
Robert E. Gentz
Athanas H. Georgalas
Emanuel Georgalas KIA More info.
Jake P. Gerber More info.
Robert Gerbick
Henry F. Gettemy
Robert Getty
William T. Getty
James W. Gift
Robert Gilman KIA More info.
Elmer W. Gill
William O. Gillette
Edward C. Gimple
Ovidio J. Giovanelli
Harold C. Glaman
Robert F. Glaman KIA More info.
Sheldon L. Glaser
Lloyd H. Glasser
Cletus B. Glastetter
Percy Glidden
John W. Goddard
Lowell O. Goethe
Conrad J. Goetz
David C. Goldy KIA More info.
Franklyn R. Gonder
Helen K. Goodman
Grant G. Goodrich
James C. Gordon
Paul Gore
William H. Gorham
Louis Gossett
Joel Gowing
Glenn E. Grabow
Kenneth Grabow
Arthur H. Graff
Bennett A. Graff
Laverne O. Graff
James C. Graham
Joseph G. Graham
Raymond V. Gramley
Arthur D. Grammont POW
Harold Grammont
Mathew R. Grant KIA More info.
Richard Grant
Orin B. Grant Jr.
Jerome Grathen
John J. Grau
Delbert Graves
Eugene C. Graves
Philip Graves
Wallace S. Graves
Wilbur F. Graves
Robert G. Gray
Keith Grebner
Edwin L. Green
Howard W. Green
John L. Greenfield
Vivian P. Greenley
Don E. Grier
John W. Griffin Jr.
Peter Griffo
Richard C. Grilliot
Burton R. Grinyer
L .Allen Grinyer
Betty J. Griswold
Melvin Groff
Chester L. Groom
James A. Groshans Sr.
Garland S. Gross
Henry M. Grove
Louise W. Grove
Roger L. Groves
Walter F. Groves
Carl Grunder
Henry J. Guentherman
Ralph L. Guentner
Joseph L. Guerin
Julius C. Guhl
Frank F. Guiffre KIA More info.
George Guinther
William C. Guinther
Sherman W. Gundrey
James F. Gundry
Edward M. Gustafson
James R. Gustason
Malon E. Guthrie
Mariella Gutzmer
Anthony J. Guzzardo
Leslie R. Haas
Robert L. Haas
Wallace Haas
James S. Hadju
Herbert P. Hadley
James Hager
Ralph E. Haidle
William Haight
Lowell F. Haines
Henry Haldeman
Larry Hale
Jack B. Haley
Robert C. Haller
Don Halstead
George J. Halzel
John A. Halzel
Leo R. Halzel
Eugene Hamer
Nicholas E. Hamer
Ferris F. Hamilton More info.
Gene T. Hamilton
Eugene R. Hamon
Robert W. Hamon
Robert Hamon
Charles F. Hancock
Emil A. Handel
Emil Handel
John Handler
Herbert P. Handley
Richard D. Hannah
Robert Hannah
Wilbur H. Hansen
Floyd B. Hanson KIA More info.
Arthur Hanstrom
Virgil Harbach
Edward H. Harbers
Lloyd Harding
Philip N. Hardinger
Leo J. Harkins
Leroy D. Harkins
Charles H. Harlan
Robert H. Harlan
Ed Harle
Vernona Harmsen
Clarence J. Harnish KIA More info.
Delbert W. Harnish
Max J. Harnish
Norbert C. Harnish
Earl Harper
Burdette Harris
Charles L. Harris
Fran Harris
Jack Harris
Norman D. Harris
Basil F. Hartman
Jack Hartman
John H. Hartman
Robert S. Hartman
William Harvey
Leonard P. Hasse
Gerald E. Hastings
James L. Hastings
Roscoe A. Hastings
Rolland F. Haubach
Clarence W. Haugh
Karl F. Hauth
Edward J. Hawes
Ronald E. Hawley
Robert W. Hawthorne
Wilbur L. Hayenga
Burdette M. Hayes
Leonard L. Hayes
Lyman Hayes
Floyd O. Haynie
John F. Healy More info.
William Healy
Doris Mae Heath
Edward L. Heck
Lester E. Heck
Robert C. Heck
Robert P. Heck
William L. Heck
Leon T. Hecker
Geraldine Hedrick
Robert Hedrick
David Heer
Langelle Heft
Eldon Heid
Lowell Heid
Ralph G. Heid
Harold J. Heidel
Harvey J. Heidel
Clifford H. Heidenreich
Clayton E. Heilemeier Sr.
Melvin Heiler
Stanley Heiler
John W. Heilman Sr.
Victor L. Heimbuch KIA More info.
Harold L. Heimerdinger
Harold Heinkel
Margaret Heinkel
Emil J. Heinrich
Gordon E. Heisler
Laverne C. Heitter
Russell L. Heitter
Gale E. Heitz
John J. Heitz
Leo E. Heitz
Robert C. Heitz
Timothy R. Heller
Eldon Henderson
John O. Hendren

Dwain E. Henry
Frank J. Henry
Vernon B. Henry
John H. Hepner
Lawrence R. Herbig
Theodore R. Herbig KIA More info.
William A. Herbig
Wayne E. Herman
William Herman
Horace R. Herrick
James F. Herrick
Leonard F. Herrmann
Roger L. Hershberger
Constance Hertz
Albert W. Hess
Calvin Hess
Dewain Hess
Donald R. Hess
John E. Hess
Orville Hess
Paul Hess
Robert Hess
William Hess
Sheldon L. Heyer
Norman G. Hickcox
Edward D. Higgins
James L. Higley
Neal A. Hildebrand
Elmer F. Hildebrandt
John E. Hill
Robert L. Hill
Kenneth F. Hille
Ralph H. Hille
Raymond H. Hille
William Hillmer
William H. Hills
Francis Hinds
Glenn H. Hirsbrunner
Charles L. Hirshbrunner
Aleathea Hiteman
Marciene Hiteman
Charles E. Hodapp
Eugene C. Hodapp
Robert J. Hodapp
Eugene H. Hoebel
Donald C. Hoefer
Merrill C. Hoeffer Jr.
Donald C. Hoeffer
Russell B. Hoefle
Frederick A. Hoelscher
Karl M. Hoffman
William Holak
D. D. Holbert
Donald R. Holderman
Eugene J. Holderman
Alvin Holland
Elmer W. Holland
Frank A. Holland
Raymond L. Holland
Ivan Hollister
Merrill Holloway
Peter E. Holm
Wayne A. Holmes
Harold A. Holtum
Leonard N. Holzbauer
Chester L. Homan
Kenneth J. Homan
Robert L. Homan
Robert P. Homan
Elwyn J. Hoot
James L. Hoover
Robert C. Hopke More info.
Nobel W. Horan
Donald C. Horne
Harold H. Horner
Robert A. Horning
Harold W. Horstmeier
Richard R. Houpt
Frank C. Houser
James M. Howard
John W. Howard
Robert L. Howard
Ward Howard
Vernon R. Howe
William M. Howe
Robert P. Howington Jr.
Harry R. Huber
Neal Huber
Wiley J. Huddle More info.
Darrell Hudson
Harold H. Hudson
Frederick M. Huenefeld Sr.
Karl G. Huesing
Earl W. Huett
Verle Huffman
Albert E. Hufford
John M. Hull
Herman O. Hummel
Shirley Hummel
Francis P. Humphrey
Herbert J. Humphrey POW
Delmar Hurless
Arthur S. Hutmacher KIA More info.
Burdette K. Hutmacher
Curtis J. Hutmacher
Maurice E. Hutmacher
William T. Hutton
Walter J. Hybarger
Vernon E. Hyle
George N. Ibbotson
Raymond J. Ifert
Robert F. Inda
Donald E. Isaac
Lloyd Jackson
Delbert L. Jacobs
Frank C. Jacobs
George J. Jacobs
Max H. Jacobs
Richard W. Jacobs
Wes Jacobs
Harry W. Jacobson
John C. Jaeger
John S. James
Harry E. Janecek
Robert B. Janicke
Addison D. Janssen
Allen H. Janssen
Kenneth W. Jeffrey
Mary K. Jeffrey
Floyd H. Jenkins
Alvin J. Jenner
Maxine Jevne
Andrew J. Johnson
Charles D. Johnson
Chester C. Johnson
Clarence E. Johnson
Dale A. Johnson
Donald L. Johnson
Edward Johnson
H.. Wallace Johnson
Harold L. Johnson
Jerome Johnson
Lee Johnson
Leroy Johnson
Lindsey Johnson
Marjorie Johnson
Ordean Johnson
Orville Johnson
Otha Johnson
Otha Johnson Sr.
Robert L. Johnson
Roy Johnson
Walter Johnson
William A Johnson
George Johnston
Ralph W. Johnston
Robert W. Johnston
Clara A. Jones
Donald W. Jones
George C. Jones
George W. Jones
John H. Jones
Leo K. Jones
Lowell Jones
Paul S. Jones
Robert E. Jones
Daniel M. Jordan
Eugene T. Joyce
Harold R. Julius
Paul Kaempfer
Lyle Kahl
Ross A. Kailey
Donald L. Kaiser
Glennen A. Kaiser
Harold W. Kaiser
John Kaiser
Ralph W. Kaiser
Robert P. Kaiser
Floyd N. Kampmeier
Wayne Kampmeier
Kenneth E. Kampmeier
Earl L. Kaney
Floyd J. Kaney
Leonard W. Karis
Louella C. Karis
Clair Karnatz
Marvin Karnatz
Robert C. Kasch Sr.
Lowell H. Kasten
Luke H. Kasten
Martin Katzenberger
Everett Kauffman
Jack D. Kauffman
Lawrence Kavadas
Michael A. Kavran Sr.
Wieland J. Kayser
Gale B. Keeffer
Lloyd Keener
Woodrow Keener
James F. Kehl
Frank Keil
Wilbur Keil KIA More info.
Philip L. Keister
Ralph Keister
Robert L. Keister
Warren R. Keister KIA More info.
Edward R. Keith
Fred R. Keith
John H. Keith
Walter O. Keith
Lornell T. Kellem
William F. Kellner
Harold J. Kelly
Joe R. Kemp
Alden Kempel
Dorothy O. Kempel
Eugene Kempert
Paul R. Kempert KIA More info.
James M. Kennedy
Clyde A. Kent
Delbert Kent
Edwin Kerkhoff
Fred Kerkhoff
Richard Kerr
Stanley L. Kerr
Karl C Kerr Jr.
Carl O. Ketelhut
Walter L. Kevern
Clarence L. Key
Henry Keys
Willie Keys
Otis M. Kidd Sr.
Robert V. Kieckhaefer
Helen Kilian
Russell H. King
Homer L. Kingston More info.
Harry Kintzel
Robert L. Kintzel
Roy E. Kinzer More info.
Roy R. Kinzer
Roger C. Kish
Dale E. Kitner
Chester N. Kjera
Samuel L. Kjera
Stanley D. Klaaas
Theodore Klaus
Earl Kleckler
Kenneth Kleckler
Leo Kleckler
Berl J. Kleckner
Gladys Kleckner
Owen Kleckner
Robert J. Kleckner
Roland M. Klentz
Willard C. Klesath
Clair Klever
John H. Klever
James R. Kline
Odel A. Klipping
Delbert C. Kloepping
Edward H. Kloepping
Paul Klontz
Donald Knauff
William O. Knauff
Everette D. Knight
Harold L. Knight
Gabriala Knipschield
Lorenz G. Knipschield
Clarence W. Kniss
Eldon C. Knodle
Faye L. Knodle
Robert R. Knodle
Eugene Knoll
Dexter A. Knowlton
Kenneth H. Knowlton
Karl Knutti Jr.
Donald W. Koch
James L. Koch
Leland Koch
William A. Koch KIA More info.
Stanley F. Koehler
William Koehler
Cletus Koehn
Harold E. Koehn
Louis J. Koehn
Glenn E. Koeller
James D. Koeller
Thomas M. Koenig
Wilbur Koenig
William R. Koenig
Wayne W. Koertner
Willard W. Koertner
Earl E. Koester
Laverne Koester
Elmer L. Kohl
John G. Kohn
Robert H. Koppein
John L. Kornfeind
Joseph A. Kornfeind
Verlyn K. Kortemeier
Christie N. Kortes
Glen Kortmann
Earl Kosier
Robert D. Kostenbader
Harley Kowalke
Louis M. Kracht Jr.
Myron M. Kraft
Orlo W. Kraft
Robert L. Kraft Sr.
Donald L. Krahmer
Emerson Krahmer
Orlo Kraus
Dorothy Krell
Edgar A. Kritser
Donald C. Krogull
Martin G. Krogull
August H. Krueger
James Krueger
Glenn H. Krumwiede
Harold E. Krupke
Frederick C. Kruse
Roderick I. Kruse
Harold C. Kryder
John W. Kryder
Paul F. Kryder
Howard D. Kubatzke
John F. Kubatzke
Robert H. Kubatzke
Frederick W. Kuehl
Ralph N. Kuehl
Walter A. Kuehl
Merle Kuhlemeier
Stanley W. Kuhlemeier
Eugene B. Kuhlemeyer
Karl A. Kuhlemier
Floyd W. Kuhlmeyer
James F. Kuntz
Robert G. Kuntz
Charles S. Kuntzelman
Melvin F. Kunz
Donald L. Kurtz
Gerald L. Kutz
Paul Kutzke
Frank M. Kyles
Thomas E. Labinski
William Laborde
Karl E. Labudde
Donald Lacher
Edward Lacher
Melvin C. Lafferty
Laverne L. Lahre
Don F. Laible
Lavern B. Laman
John Lamb
Albert C. Lambert
Edward W. Lambert
Elmer J. Lamm
Herbert B. Lamm
Jerome G. Lamm
Kenneth M. Lamm
Louis T. Lamm
Paul F. Lamm
Russell J. Lamm
Edward R. Landgraf
Kenneth M. Landgraf
Robert L. Landgraf
Ivan A. Lang
Kenneth Lang
Leland Lang
Robert E. Langlois
Peter Lanners
Aaron L. Lantz
Elsworth Lapp
Geraldine G. Lapp
Harold L. Larsen
Arthur Larson
Martin R. Larson
Walter Larson Jr.
Henry A. Lashinski
Louise W. Latour
John W. Law
Robert D. Law
Kenneth Lawfer
Elwyn W. Lawler
Galen H. Lawler KIA More info.
Lawrence S. Lawler KIA
Lawrence S. Lawler KIA More info.
Wendall W. Lawler
Clarence O. Lawson
Lawrence S. Lawver
Wesley R. Lawver
Jack P. Leamon
Howard J. Leamy
William L. Leamy
Clifton D. Lease
Donald R. Lease
Dale A. Lebaron
Warren R. Lebaron
Donald Leck
Bill Lee
John W. Lee
Ben A. Lee Sr.
Raymond E. Leech
William J. Leeman
Albert L. Leemhuis
Henry G, Leemhuis
Clarence Leerhof
Conrad J. Legwold
Marlowe R. Lehman
Merlyn R. Lehman
Paul F. Leiby
Elmer R. Lender
Walter A. Lender
Milford O. Lenz
Russell Lenz
Charles D. Leonard
Franklin A. Leonhardt
John F. Lerch
Paul Leslie
Daylon F. Lestikow
John C. Leverington
Marion E. Leverington
Homer Leverton KIA More info.
Lyle Leverton
Bill E. Levin
Donald K. Levin
James A. Lewis
Lincoln K. Lieber
Wesley Liebergesell
Richard R. Lighthall
Junior Liles
Henry A. Lillge
Carl J. Limacher
Orville F. Lincoln
John M. Linden
John J. Linder
Paul Line
Benjamin P. Lingis
Floyd E. Linneman
Burton Liphart
Eugene Liphart
Royal W. Liscom
Herman Lisser KIA More info.
Allen E. Lizer
Donald E. Lizer
Vernon Lobdell
George Loberg
Emerson G. Loewe POW
Kenneth W. Loewe
Liewellyn E. Loewe
Roscoe O. Loewe
Delbert L. Lohr
Harold E. Lomas
Arlyn T. Long
Donald Long
Robert F. Long
William J. Long
Dale Loomis
Jessie F. Loomis
Leonard Lopp KIA More info.
Russell A. Lorenz
Alvin L. Loring
Donald E. Loring
Merrill C. Loring
Alvin O. Lott KIA More info.
Arthur Lott
Charles E. Love
Willie J. Love
Ernest H. Love Jr.
Felix J. Lownik
George Luby
Willam H. Lucas
Berdell A. Lucht
Frederick Ludolph
Royce W. Ludolph
Matthew J. Ludwig
Paul R. Luecke
Roland J. Luecke
Kenneth Luedeke
Clifford F. Luettig
Donald E. Luettig
Auston Luke
Chester A. Luke
Edward J. Lund
Wert Lursen
Garver Lutz
Orville H. Lutz KIA More info.
Raymond W. Lutz
Robert C. Lutz
Robert Luy
Carl D. Lyon
Earl R. Lyon
Laverne W. Lyon
Dayle J. Lyons
Vernon N. Lytle
Alvin Maass
Fred Mac Adam
Ned A. Mac Adam
Lawrence M. Madden
Raymond L. Magee POW
Pasquale Magnani
Lester A. Mahon
Joseph G. Mahoney
Elwin J. Mains
Wilma L. Mains
Herbert F. Malott
Almer J. Mandt Jr.
Jacob C. Mani KIA More info.
Wallace J Mani
Carl Manthei
Melvin Manthei
Neal O. Manthei
Edwin Mantzke
Robert D. Mantzke
Theodore N. Mantzke
John D. Manus
Albert H. Manus Jr.
Joseph V. Marassa
Louis F. Marassa
Melvin M. Marcum
Eugene E. Marks
Edward W. Markwardt
Wilbur D. Markwardt
Earl L. Marsh
Herbert S. Marsh
Vernon G. Marsh
William H. Marske
Burnham Martin
Curtis Martin
Frank L. Martin
Marlow Martin
Raymond A. Martin
Matthew A. Marvin
Robert E. Mascik
Richard F. Mason
Roger Massey
Robert L. Mater
Harry Matherson
Walter Matherson
Jean L. Mathews
John W. Mathews POW
Earl E. Mathiot
Harold L. Mathiot
Robert L. Mattes KIA More info.
Winston Mattes
John L. Mattison
Leroy Mauer
William L. Mauer
Joseph T. Maupin
Raymond L. Maves
Clarence D. Mayer
Andrew L. McBride KIA More info.
Lillian McBride
Barton McCarthy KIA More info.
Philip R. McCarthy
William F. McCarthy
Alonzo S. McCaslin
Walter F. McClain Sr.
Edwin J. McClellan
Fred W. McCool KIA More info.
Robert J. McCool
Fred J. McCord KIA More info.
Roger L. McCoy
Robert McCurdy
Paul D. McDermott
Paul E. McDonald
Raymond McFadden
Dick J. McFalls
Frank McGee
Roxy D. McGee
Vincent C. McGinnis
Lee R. McGregor
George W. McHoes
William McHoes
Clarence B. McIlvanie
George McIlvanie
Clarence J. McIntyre
Joseph H. McIntyre
Robert W. McKelvey
Horace McKim
Howard H. McKim KIA More info.
John J. McKinstra
Alex McKnight
Willis McKnight
James T. McMurray
John H. McPherson
Robert J. McPherson
Thomas McPherson Jr.
George M. McPhillips
Almon Mead
Denzil E. Mead
Guy Mead
Ralph E. Meads Jr.
William F. Megan
Burdette A. Meiborg
Arvid I. Meier
Francis M. Meier
Walt Meiers
Arthur T. Meinders
Clement B. Meinert
Robert D. Meinert
Russell Meinert
Louis L. Melester
Arnold F. Mellen
Donald Mellen
Leroy D. Mellen
Robert W. Mellen
Roger Mellen
Roy Mellen
Merele Mellenthin
Curtis Meltine
Eugene F. Mergen
Edwin Merkle
Henry A. Merkle
William J. Mertins
Emmerson L. Messimore
John C. Messing
Marvin Messing Jr.
David Messman
Maynard G. Metz
Norman Metz
Albert T. Meyer
Kenneth R. Meyer
Leo F. Meyer
Lewis A. Meyer
Delmer R. Meyers
Edmund J. Meyers
Harold J. Meyers
Joy Meyers
Lester J. Meyers
Merle Meyers
Raymond E. Meyers
Robert D. Meyers KIA More info.
William H. Michael
Harold Miche
Gilbert Mickelson
Hans A. Midstokke
George E. Midthun
Gustave E. Midthun KIA More info.
Melvin M. Midthun KIA More info.
Charles J. Migliore
Sam Migliore
Roy A. Mikkelsen KIA More info.
Leroy E. Miley
Ulcy B. Miley
Alfred G. Miller
Carl L. Miller
Clinton M. Miller
Donald O. Miller
Floyd B. Miller KIA More info.
Frank C. Miller
Frederick S. Miller
Leonard R. Miller
Muriel Miller
Orville L. Miller
Oscar Miller
Pauline Miller
Robert C. Miller
Robert G. Miller
Robert W. Miller
Roger Miller
Verlan M. Miller
Glenn Miller
William H. Miller Jr.
Archie Milliken
Clair Milliken
George Milliken
Keith Milliken
Leroy Milliken
Russell K. Mills
Ray L. Miskimon
Boyd R. Mitchell
Jay D. Mitchell
Royal D. Mitchell
Wayne A. Mitchell
Elmer R. Mitchell Jr. KIA More info.
John C. Mizell
Russell M. Moen
Glen C. Mogle
Alton S. Mohon
Robert R. Mohr
Jack Molter
Norbert Molter
John A. Molter Jr.
Leona Monehan
Carl G. Monigold
George Monigold
Ray E. Monigold
Robert L. Monigold
Robert J. Monte
John C. Montgomery
Robert P. Moogk
William J. Moogk
William Mooney
Frank E. Moore KIA More info.
Grant H. Moore
John L. Moore
Theodore A. Moore
Thomas J. Moore KIA More info.
Wendell W. Moore
William L. Moore
Roy W. Moore Jr.
Eugene Mordick
Leo E. Mordick
Francis J. Mordick Jr.
Charles W. Morell
George D. Morey
Marvel M. Morey
Homer L. Moriarty
Charles H. Moritz
Charles R. Morris
Roy E. Morris KIA More info.
Ralph W. Morrison
Shelley Morrison KIA More info.
Merle E. Morrow
Douglas M. Morton
James C. Mosher
Van N. Moshonas
Dale H. Moss
Donald O. Moss
Elmer R. Moss
Harlan R. Mowery
Alvin Moyer
Robert D. Moyer
Charles F. Mrkvicka
Richard Mucha
John A. Mudore
Frank J. Mullen
Russell J. Mullen
Millard R. Munson
Charles Murray
Marvin Murray
Alan A. Musser
John M. Musser
James D. Myers
James E. Myers
William S. Myers
Julius L. Nampel
Leo J. Nash KIA More info.
Donald L. Nast
Robin A. Nath
Earl L. Neberman
Elvin W. Neebel
Dale V. Nelson
Francis E. Nelson
Glenn C. Nelson KIA More info.
Gregg C. Nesemeier KIA More info.
Vincent W. Nesemeier Sr.Vincent W. Nesemeier Sr., U. S. Marine Corps
John C. Ness
Donald W. Neuberger
Harold F. Neuberger
Loyall C. Neuberger
Raymond E. Neuberger
Paul A. Neuges
George R. Newberry
Edgar Newell
Lewis E. Newton
Jack J. Ney
Jack Nichol
Richard Nichol
John E. Nichols
Merl E. Niedermeier
Alden Niemeyer KIA More info.
Earl Niesman
Robert E. Noble
Clifford L. Nodd Jr.
Leroy Nolan
Derryl Noller
Ronald C. Norman Jr.
John A. Nortridge
Vale W. Nortridge
Beulah B. Nott
Clyde H. Nott
Howard D. Nott
Paul Nott
Roy D. Nott
Wilbur G. Nott
Raymond C. Nott
Claude H. Nunemacher
E. H. Nunemacher
Paul H. Nunemacher
Roland C. Nunemacher
Charles E. Nunemacher Sr.
Dale H. Nuss KIA More info.
Deane C. Nuss
Frederick W. Obert
Kenneth E. Obert
Joe Oblander
Leroy M. Ocker KIA More info.
Minor Ocker
James L. O’Connor
Frank L. Oddo
Samuel P. Oddo
Kenneth E. Oefelein
Royal Offenheiser
Vietta Offenheiser
Robert A. Offill
Walter L. O’Haver KIA More info.
Roy E. Ohlinger
Cornelius W. Olloff
William E. Olmstead Jr.
M. J. Olson
Thomas J. Omoore
Bill O’Neil
Robert C. Opel
Ed Orde Sr.
Donald W. Orth KIA More info.
Everett Osgood Jr. KIA More info.
Edward Osran
John T. Oster KIA More info.
Otto E. Osterburg
Ezra Ostergard
Robert Osterholt
Leonard W. Oswald
Robert V. Oswald
George C. Oswalt
James W. Oswalt
Orie H. Otte
August A. Ottenhausen
Dale R. Otto
Joseph L. Ousley
Paul S. Ousley
Carl F. Owens KIA More info.
Albert A. Padberg
James V. Page
Roger A. Palmer
Wilmer A. Palmer
Alfred Parker
Marlow Parker
Edward L. Parks
Harold P. Parks POW
Gerald R. Parriott
Jack M. Parriott
Rollin Parriott
Roy D. Parriott
Herbert J. Partoll
Felix J. Paryzek
Huber A. Paske
Orlin Paske
Dale Patterson
Donald L Paul
James C. Paul
Elmer A. Pauley
Andrew Paulsen
Louis J. Paulsen
Robert S. Payne
Henry E. Pearson
John W. Pearson
Lawrence O. Pearson
Rebel Pearson
Robert L. Pearson
Sidney L. Pearson
Lawrence E. Peck
Lionel B. Peck
Theodore Peck
Robert W. Peck Sr.
Clifford Pehl
Jack C. Peight
Kenneth E. Penticoff
Raymond J. Penticoff
Roland L. Penticoff
Delbert L. Perkins
Alban O. Perry
Kenneth W. Perry
Harold E. Peters
Curtis O. Peterson
Kermit Peterson
Lillian Peterson
Norman Peterson
Robert J. Peterson
Robert W. Petrie
Edward Pfeiffer
John H. Pfeiffer
Walter J. Pflaume Jr.
Dale T. Phillips
Gilbert Phillips
Spencer K. Phillips
Theodore Pierce Jr.
George K. Piper
Sam Pirrello KIA More info.
Leonard A. Pitterle
Paul G. Pitterle
Robert W. Pitterle
Vincent C. Pitterle
Lyndon D. Pitts
Robert H. Pittsley
William V. Pittsley
Joseph A. Pizzolato
Leo A. Pizzolato
Robert E. Place
Forrest C. Plager
Clarence Plambeck
Gayle R. Plapp
James O. Plenger
Verne F. Plenger
Robert J. Plowman
Margaret R. Plum
Robert A. Plum
George L. Poe
Gerald E. Pointer
Harlan L. Polhill
Robert L. Polhill
Raymond W. Polsean
Wilbur J. Pommerening
James A. Pontius
Raphael K. Pontius
Robert R. Pontius
John Popel
Marvis Popel
Donald R. Popp
Sam J. Portelli
Loyal B. Portner
Joseph F. Pospischil
Rudolph W. Pospischil
John N. POWers
Joseph J. POWers
Gerald L. Prasse
Donald Price
Elwyn Price
Reverdie D. Prior
John Propp
Michael Prygocki
Samuel Puccio KIA More info.
Ernest W. Pyfer
Eldon R. Rackow
Jerome Rackow
Milo L. Rackow
Norman D. Rackow
Charles G. Rada
Edward C. Rafferty
Robert H. Rafferty
Elmer T. Raih
Kenneth Raih
Duane Rakowska
Emory E. Rakowska
Candelario M. Ramos
Adolph F. Rampenthal KIA More info.
Robert Rampenthal
John F. Ramsauer
Donald Rapean
Clarence Rau
Russell E. Rayhorn KIA More info.
Lowell R. Raymer
Kenneth Readeker
Edgar Rech
Clyde Redington KIA More info.
Allen Reed
Daylon U. Reed
Freeman J. Reed
Karl V. Reed
Leroy Reed
Ray W. Reed KIA More info.
William F. Reed
Ellsworth Reed
Gerald W. Reeder
Olyn W. Reeder
Carl R. Reedy
Lyle J. Reedy
Russell Reedy
Lloyd H. Reel
Eugene Rees
Francis G. Rees
Byron Reeser
Clark Reeser
Donald G. Reeves
Ernest F. Regez
Ervin F. Regez
Lester W. Rehfeld KIA More info.
Leroy Reidelbaugh
John A. Reining
Robert Reiter
Harold J. Reizer
Wilbur Remmers
Alvin J. Retzlaff
Laverne A. Reynolds
Paul R. Reynolds
Burdette H. Rice
Glenn D. Rice KIA More info.
John W. Rice
Vernon E. Rice KIA More info.
William A. Rice
Charles Richardson
Laverne W. Richter
William W. Riddell Jr.
Howard Ridenour
William E. Rideout
Wilson F. Ridgway
Clarence F. Riem
Robert W. Riley
Robert Rillie
Frederick Rimington
Robert J. Rimington
Richard A. Rinderman
Rodney O. Rinderman KIA More info.
Shelby F. Rinehart
Harry J. Risen
James D. Roach
Charles W. Roberts
Karl L. Roberts
Paul V. Roberts
Ralph Roberts
Dewey G. Robieson
Jack Robinson KIA More info.
Kenneth E. Rocho
Mary Jane Rock
Victor V. Rockey
Elden Rockow
George J. Roddewig
Frederick A. Rodenbostel
Oliver Roderick KIA More info.
Walden Roe
Robert A. Roemer
Forrest C. Rogers
Jack E. Rohr
Robert Rohr
George E. Rolinger
Paul E. Rose
Lee Rosenstiel
Merle E. Rosenstiel
Robert L. Rosenstiel
Wilbur R. Rosenstiel
Arthur L. Ross
Franklin B. Ross
Lawrence Ross
Mike Roswitch
Laurell Roth
Lowell Roth
Paul L. Roth
Robert H. Rowland
Dean L. Ruckman
Edward A. Rugalski
Albert Rund
Alfred Rund
Edwin G. Rund
John C. Rund
Robert P. Rund
Paul R. Rund
William R. Rundall
Robert L. Runkle
Dale R. Runte KIA More info.
Emerson W. Runte
Harold Runte
Oswald E. Rusk
Dawn L. Rutter
Roland M. Rutter KIA More info.
Royce E. Rutter
Anthony Ryan
Edward J. Ryan
George C. Ryan
Thomas Ryan
George L. Saar
Henry Saas
Eugene A. Sabin
George M. Sabin
Clarence E. Sager
Robert F. Sager
Broomsy Salter
Robert Salter
Arnold R. Sandahl
Raymond Sandahl
John N. Sanders
Glen W. Sandstrom
Ralph W. Sandstrom
Henry E. Sass
Charles Saxby
Harold Saxby
Raymond Saxby
Richard L. Saxby
Robert Saxby
Stephen G. Saxby
Roy L. Schadewaldt
Marlin G. Schaefer
Ray Schaefer
Donald` J. Schafer
Karl H. Schafer
Mervin Schasker
Delbert C. Scheider
Virgil C. Scheider
Michael C. Scheidt
Robert G. Scheidt
James Schermerhorn
Jacob Schiess
Thomas F. Schiesser
Andrew Schild
P. Allen Schildhammer
Milton G. Schimelpfenig
William C. Schlagenhaufen
Eugene W. Schlamp
Charles M. Schlamp KIA More info.
Jay C. Schlamp
John A. Schlamp
John J. Schleich
Karl P. Schleich
Laverne Schleich KIA More info.
Alvin D. Schlueter
Melvin L. Schlueter
Vernon J. Schlueter
Burrell A. Schmeltzer
Aloice H. Schmelzer
Leroy A. Schmelzer
Philip Schmitt
Delvin A. Schneider KIA More info.
George Schneider
Stanley F. Schneider
Walter Schneider
Wilbur Schneider
Kenneth R. Schneiderman
Robert R. Schneiderman
William J. Schneiderman
Norman Schneidewind
Emerson Schnell
Pete H. Schnell
Glenn Schnitzler
Robert F. Schnoes
Henry E. Schoenhard
Betty May Schoeny
Hugh Schoeny
Robert C. Schofield
Robert Schofield
Raymond F. Scholbe
Clyde E. Scholtz
Karl C. Schoonhoven
Norman H. Schoonhover
Arthur Schoop
Rudolph Schoop
Max E. Schopf
Verlyn O. Schrader KIA More info.
Karl M. Schramm
Val I. Schreiner
Charles A. Schroeder
Frank J. Schroeder
Melvin C. Schroeder

William Woodrow Schroeder was in the Philippine Campaign. He received the Medal of Heroism. The family story was that he saved his platoon. Photo at right shows Technician 3rd Grade William W. Schroeder receiving the soldier's medal for heroism from Gen. John R. Hodge, Commander of the Army's 24th Corp.

He was born and raised in Freeport, and worked at Henney Motors.

David K. Schroer
Franklin D. Schroer
Paul P. Schroer
Philip P. Schroer
Ernest M. Schult
William J. Schult
Sylvester G. Schulte
Delbert Schultz
Allen Schulz
Leonard E. Schulz
Robert Schulz
Robert K. Schunk KIA More info.
Francis B. Schwartz
Paul H. Schwartz
Robert Schwartz
Glen T. Schwarz
Herbert C. Schwarz KIA More info.
Harry W. Schwarz Jr.
Paul H. Schwarze
Alfred W. Schweitzer
Peter J. Scibona
Dominick Sciutto
Tony Sciutto
Leland J. Scofield
Donald J. Scott
Albert E. Scudder
Charles A. Scudder
Robert L. Scudder
James H. Secker Sr.
Daniel Sedwick
Arthur Seefeldt
John A. Seefeldt Jr.
Stanley P. Seiner
Everett R. Seiver
Edwin C. Sellke
Jack W. Sellke KIA More info.
Deforest L. Senn
Sebastian P. Serrano

Eleanor Servatius
Richard N. Servatius

Richard Servatius
L-R: Bud Loring, Richard Servatius, unknown

Richard Servatius
Richard Servatius in the 445th Platoon, United States Marine Corp, San Diego, Corp. H. E. Vernon, Corp. C. A. Rinka
Richard Servatius is in the top row, 4th from left

Richard Servatius & Eleanor Servatius
A downtown Freeport store at the northwest corner of Galena and Main displayed men and women from Stephenson County in their front window.
Richard Servatius is in the top row, 7th from left, under the flag.
His sister, Eleanor Servatius, is next to him, 8th from left.

Photos & identifications provided by Susan Servatius Schlosser

(click on photos for larger size)

Paul Severson
Jack W. Shade
Merle E. Shade
Daryl Shadle
Lee Shadle
Clifford R. Shafer KIA More info.
Darryl O. Shain
Donald Shamway
Kennth L. Shamway KIA More info.
Donald D. Shane
Eugene R. Shannon KIA More info.
John T. Shaughnessy
Delos V. Shaw
Edward J. Shaw
George R. Shaw
Joseph R. Shaw
Alfred J. Shay
Robert C. Sheetz
Howard M. Sheppard
Clement R. Sherwin
Sam Shianna
John P. Shibley
Floyd W. Shick
Robert M. Shick
Maynard E. Shilling
John B. Shipp
John E. Shippee
Laurel Shippee
Robert E. Shippee
Royal E. Shippee
Wiley Shippee
C. Elwyn Shippy
Duane E. Shippy
Lester B. Shippy
Donald L. Shockey
Harold R. Shockey
Arnold W. Shoemaker
William Shoemaker
George Shoesmith
Richard A. Shouer
Ralph W. Showers
Chester B. Shriner KIA More info.
Jack M. Shuey
Herbert R. Shuff
Robert H. Shultz
Calvin Shumaker
Robert Shumaker
Joseph R. Siedenburg KIA More info.
Orville Siedenstrang KIA More info.
Charles A. Sieferman
Fritz Siegenthaler
Leon B. Siegmeier
William L. Siegner Sr.
R. E. Sieveking
Harry C. Sigafus
Robert E. Simler
Leo Simmer
Laverne M. Simmons
Robert L. Simmons
Wallace A. Simmons
Wayne L. Simpson
Mollie Sims
Delbert Sinclair
Merle E. Sisler
Glenn C. Sisler Jr.
Freemont E. Skeel
Arthur E. Skeel Sr.
Roy Skelton
Walter Skinner
Forest D. Slick
Laverne D. Sliker
Dale E. Slifer
Laura Sloatman
Donald Smith
Emmett G. Smith
Forrest E. Smith
Jack Smith
John Smith
Lyle E. Smith
Maurice E. Smith
Oscar Smith
Roswell Smith
Royal Smith
Willie J. Smith
William Smith KIA More info.
George W. Smith Jr.
Donald H. Smull
Edward H. Snapp
Lavere Snetcher
Everett E. Snyder
Lester E. Snyder
Thomas M. Solberg
Frank J. Soldati
Smith Sommer KIA More info.
Milton C. Sorn
Delbert D. Southard
Russell E. Southard
David Southwick
Glen K. Sowers
John Sowka
Harry C. Spahr
Donald W. Spangler
Harold E. Spangler
Robert L. Speer KIA More info.
Russell E. Spencer
James F. Spevak
Richard Spielman
Gordon T. Spinhirne
Anthony J. Spinoso
Clarence Splinter
Clyde Splinter
Harold D. Springer
Robert A. Springman
Joseph S. Sproul
Richard D. Squires
Robert Squires
Raymond C. Squires Sr.
Leo St. Andrews
William F. Staas
Carlton L. Staben
Dale W. Stabenow
Merril E. Stabenow
Raymond Stabenow
Robert M. Stabenow
Ernest H. Stabenow Sr.
Ward Stackpole
Elmer J. Stadel
James R. Stadermann
John C. Stahl
William H. Stahl
Leonard Q. Stamm
Roscoe Stamm
Wayne Stamm
William Standring
Ernest Stanley
Clifford J. Stanton
Donald W. Stanton
Gerald U. Stanton
Ralph R. Stearns
Earl W. Stebbins
Russell N. Stebbins
Spencer E. Stebbins
Elden L. Steele
Victor L. Steele
Betty J. Steenrod
John Steiger
Lester R. Stein
William K. Stein
Wilson P. Steinhagen
Erhard T. Steinman
Othmar Steinman
Wallace Steinman
Robert V. Stenback
Carl R. Stenzhorn
Paul P. Stephan
Darrell Stephens
Kenneth A. Stephens
Lucille M. Stephenson
Elwood G. Stevens
Merwin C. Stevens
William P. Stevens
Donald Stewart
Oliver W. Stewart
Warren Stewart
Leroy M. Stichter
Warren D. Stichter
Floyd M. Stine
Jesse H. Stith
Charles F. Stocker
Albert Stocks
Robert E. Stoltz
Robert N. Stoner
Edward Strahm
Herman E. Stratmann
Donald F. Straub
Eugene W. Strawn
Albert C. Streicker
Robert D. Strohacker
Berton C. Strohecker
Chester C. Strohecker
Dale E. Strohecker
Floyd M. Strohecker
Richard E. Strohecker
Robert J. Strohecker
Harry E. Strohecker Jr.
Ralph Strohm
David L. Strong
Eugene Strong
James R. Strong
Russell Stuart
Elmer J. Stubbens
Harold H. Stubbens
Harland J. Stucky
Arthur H. Stumbaugh
Florence M. Sturgill
Donald E. Sturtevant
Laverne A. Sturtevant
Donald B. Sturz
Melvin. A. Stykel
Edmund Suess
Emil Suess
Loren P. Suess
Joseph Sughroue
Dan Sullivan
Mary J. Sullivan
Kenneth Sutherland
Donald J. Sutterlin
William Swale
Reynald L. Swalve
Shirl Swalve
Warren W. Swank
Oliver Swanson
Walter Swanson
Jack W. Sward
Glenn Swearingen
Charles J. Sweeney
Stephen Switzer
Paul C. Symanek
Jack R. Taber
Raymond C. Taber
Robert O. Taggart
John P. Tappe
Lyall W. Taubert POW
Curtis R. Taylor
Eben E. Taylor
Leslie R. Taylor
Orville W. Tempel
Richard H. Tempel
Kenneth L. Tempel
Russel W. Terhark KIA More info.
William Tessmer
Jessie Teuscher
John Teuscher
Ben Thomas
Charles W. Thomas
Donald E. Thomas
Truman E. Thomas
Burdette Thomasson
Leslie O. Thomasson
George Thompson Jr.
Robert W. Thoren
Leroy N. Thorn
James M. Thorp
Allen Thrasher
Charles D. Thrasher
Melvin Thrasher Sr.
Charlie D. Thruman
George Thruman
Kenneth L. Thruman KIA More info.
Russell K. Thruman
Robert Thruman Jr.
Gerald H. Thyberg
Quentin C. Thyberg
Robert M. Thyberg
Max W. Tilburg
Gladwyn Tilden
Earl J. Timmerman
John Timmerman
Donald W. Timms
Alvin E. Toelke
Kenneth R. Toelle KIA More info.
Ernest L. Toepfer
Roger J. Trandel
Harold J. Trapp
James G. Tretter
William Tretter Jr.
Arlie G. Trickel
Ben G. Tricker
Kenneth L. Troxel
Warren P. Trunkhill
Harold L. Tucker
Lynford O. Tucker
Paul O. Tucker
James Turner
Robert A. Turner
Warren E. Turner
James F. Twigg Sr.
John Ubben
Glenn A. Uecker
Marvin F. Uecker
William Uecker
Donald M. Underwood
Glenn Underwood
Robert L. Underwood
Joseph C. Van Asten
James H. Van Buskirk
Homer Van Matre Jr
Arthur J. Van Vleck Jr. KIA More info.
Carl Vanbuskirk
Sylvia Vaterlaus
Harold F. Vaughan
Jack C. Vaupel
Howard Vautsmeier
Elmer R. Veach KIA More info.
John C. Veach
Leroy M. Veer
Ollie R. Veer
William W. Veer
Frank B. Veer Sr.
Robert H. Vehmeier
Dante Ventura
Paul F. Vickers Jr.
Eugene L. Vickery
Russell E. Vietmeyer
Christofer Von Seggern
Richmond D. Vongillern
Gregory P. Vore
Alvin L. Voss KIA More info.
Howard G. Voss
Laverne R. Voss
Steve F. Vrtol Jr.
Alvin F. Wachlin KIA More info.
Elmer Wachlin
Floyd Wachlin
Noel Wachlin
Rita Waelti
Donovan P. Waggoner
Robert Waggoner
Virginia M. Waggoner
Clark Wagner
Harold Wagner
Norman E. Wagner
Robert Wagner
Theron Wagner
Verle Wagner
John A. Wahler
Richard H. Wahler
Frederick E. Wahler Jr.
Ralph E. Wales
George E. Walker
Johnnie Walker
Robert J. Wall
Lloyd W. Wallace
Emmerson S. Waller
George E. Waller
Leroy Waller
Nathan E. Walter
Earl F. Walters
Fay F. Walters
Frank Walters
Paul H. Walters
Lloyd E. Walton
William C. Walton
George W. Wardle KIA More info.
Elwood Wardlow
Robert Wareham
John E. Warneke
Harry Warthen
Alfred F. Washburn
Robert N. Washburn
Wilbur W. Washburn
Duane Watson
Frederick C. Watson
Phyllis A. Watson
Clarence M. Weaver
George J. Weaver
James H. Weaver
Robert Weaver POW
Mary L. Webb
Robert L. Webb
Betty L. Weber
Clarence H. Weber
Donald L. Weber KIA More info.
Eugene E. Weber
Gerald F. Weber
Harry F. Weber
Vernon E. Weckerly
Walter F. Weckerly
Milford M. Weegens
William A. Weiand
Allen C. Weick
L. H. Weick
Earl W. Weimer
John L. Weimers
Leroy W. Weir
Donald E. Welch
Gloria Welch
Stanley M. Wellman
Darwin A. Wells
Jack N. Welty
Fred J. Werhane
Melvin Werkheiser
Owen L. Werkheiser
Keith Werkheiser
Buddy E. Werntz
Lester L. Werntz
Dell L. Wescott
John W. Wescott
Floyd L. Wescott Jr.
Joseph W. Westwood
Leslie E. Whitacre
Francis E. White
Janice A. White
Lloyd A. White
Richard L. Whiting
Howard Whitmer
Milton L. Whitney
Lee A. Whitson
Thomas H. Wick
Kenneth E. Wiegand
Robert H. Wiegmann
Roger E. Wieland POW
Sherril Wiele
John L. Wiemers
Henry R. Wienand KIA More info.
Zelda Wiler
Michael C. Wiley
Edward H. Wilhelms
Leroy K. Wilhelms
Harvey Wilhelms Sr.
Carl W. Wilke
Dick E. Wilken
Henry E. Wilkey
Daniel B. Wilkins
Dolores O. Wilkinson
Alfred C. Williams
Burnell E. Williams
Dale W. Williams
Joseph L. Williams
Lewis M. Williams
Lowell Williams
Mary Williams
Raymond T. Williams
Ronald G. Williams
John Wilson
Kenneth P. Wilson
Leroy D. Wilson
Marion S. Wilson
Nobel O. Wilson
Robert Wilson
Wilbur W. Wilson
Harry Winchell
Raymond L. Wine
Arnold F. Wingert
Dale J. Wingert
John C. Winkler
Melvin C. Winning
Elmer R. Winter
Irvin J. Winter
James A. Winter
Paul Winter
Leslie C. Wire
Irene E. Wise
Keith L. Wise
Richard A. Witt
William H. Witt
Roy J. Witt Jr.
Harold R. Wittbecker
Wayne E. Wittbecker
Willard F. Wittbecker
Harold E. Witte
James W. Witte
James Wittenmeyer
Muriel L. Woessner
Delbert W. Wohlford
Kenneth E. Woker
Robert M. Wolf
Robert Wolfe
Stuart Wonder
Lee E. Woodruff
Wales W. Woodruff
Harry E. Woods
James E. Woods
Robert Woods
Violet M. Woods
Salvador J. Wool
Harold O. Woolever
Herman F. Woolsey KIA More info.
Paul R. Wootan Sr.
William C. Wurtz
Arthur C. Wurtzel
Earl H. Wyatt
Betty Wyss
Max Wyssbrod
John N. Yakovich
Thomas J. Yates
George P. Yde
Clarence Yeager
Donald Yeager
Leon Yeager
Wayne Yoder
Eaton W. Yokers
Harold L. Young
Henry H. Young
Lorelle E. Young
Oscar I. Young
Robert W. Young KIA More info.
William C. Young KIA More info.
Donald C. Younger Jr.
Frederick Youtzy
George R. Youtzy
Vernon D. Youtzy
Julian N. Zahary KIA More info.
James H. Zanoni
John W. Zastrow KIA More info.
Arthur Zellweger KIA More info.
Emmerson G. Zettle
Harvey J. Zimmerman
Henry L. Zimmerman
Raymond G. Zimmerman
William F. Zimmerman KIA More info.
Robert J. Zimmerman Jr.
Earl F. Zink
Everette A. Zinser
Wendell E. Zipsie
Robert A. Zuck Sr.


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