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Eugene, Oregon


Teaching Reiki Master

Life Coach


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Biblical Aromatherapy
Raindrop Therapy
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President of the Oregon Massage Therapists Association

2002 - 2011

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March 13, 2013


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This photo grouping by Jeanne Jeffrey Mordick

Freeport High School welcomed us.

Jeanne Jeffrey Mordick, Laura Jaeger Fraser,

Sheri Ingram Maves, & Gail Heitter Diehl

Ron McAllister poses by his Welcome sign for Saturday night.

The Reconnecting Board, School Fund Schoolhouse, Memorial Board
at the Country Club on Saturday evening.

Peter Frey visits with Jim and Sandy Dixon.

Al Nettles, Jeanne Jeffrey Mordick, Peter Frey

Jim Gitz, Bob Ostendorf, Steve Steenrod,
Nancy Nesemeier Giuffre visit on Friday night.

Peter Frey, Jeanne Jeffrey Mordick, Laura Jaeger Fraser,
Randy Hawley, Al Nettles

Carol Leemhuis Ommodt, Barb Hewins Watz, Crystal Cheeseman Porter
at the registration table Friday night.

Welcome sign by Ron McAllister for Friday night at Eilert's.

This photo grouping by Robert & Loretta Bike

At the entrance to the reunion.

Loretta Bike at the Freeport Country Club.

Memorial to our deceased classmates


This photo grouping by Andy & Laura Jaeger Fraser.

63 year olds singing "When I'm 64"

Al Nettles with Bob Ostendorf

Judy Winters' quote in the booklet

Laura Jaeger Fraser

Graig Otte, John Hill, Jim Gitz & Glenna Hill

Tina Schriver Nortridge

Lorna Steffen Whitaker & Laura Jaeger Fraser

Jim Becker

Greg Kaiser, Peter Frey & Helen Kaiser

Ellen Waggoner Kenseth

Chuck Sorn

Andy Fraser

Peter Frey & Al Nettles

Gary Manthei, Kathy Rafferty & Barb Manthei

Bob "Superman" & Mary Ostendorf, Jim Mordick behind

Bill & Cindy Carroll

Marsha LeBaron Hynes, Lorna Steffen Whitaker, Laura Jaeger Fraser,
Bob Workman & wife Patty Collins Workman,
Paula Dickman Nieman

Al Nettles & Gerry Minear

Jeanne Jeffrey Mordick, Randy Hawley, Jim Dixon & Andy Fraser

Jenean Lorenz Preston

Bob Ostendorf ready to leap small buildings

Deb Bruce Taylor & Herb Taylor

Jim & Marcia Myers Gorski

Terry & Julie Moss & Barb Hewins Watz

Diane Minear

Wayne & Sheri Smith

Sandra & Richard Roodhouse

Jim Dixon & Al Nettles

Jerry Wahlstrom & Michael Mustari

Laura Jaeger Fraser & Jeanne Jeffrey Mordick

Jim Rafferty & Ellen Waggoner Kenseth

Al Nettles with Deb & Herb Taylor

Richard & Renee Graff

Cyndy Jones Petticrew

Ellen Waggoner Kenseth

Sheri Ingram Maves & Dolf Seeds

Bob & Patty Collins Workman

Anthony & Linda Frend Ferro

Sandra Burris, Linda Hendrickson,
Sandy Blegen (Linda's sister) & Linda Meyers Zimbelman

Susan Mandrogoc Sypniewski & James Sypniewski

Linda Meyers Zimbelman & her sister Sandy Blegen

Carol & Bob Miller

Bob & Mary Ostendorf

Go Pretzels!

Galen & Carole Bertram

Bob & Betty Johnson Boekholder

Jeanne Jeffrey Mordick, Andy Fraser, Diane DeWitt & Al Nettles

Diane Dixon Sorn

Judy Winters & Bob Boekholder

Karl & Donna Kastning

Sandy & Jim Dixon

Loretta & Robert Bike

Cindy Dollarhide

Paul Dickman Nieman, Sharon Seinhagen Mustari
& Linda Alexander Wahlstrom

Linda Hendrickson & Sandra Burris

Jeanne Jeffrey Mordick

Gail Heitter Diehl

Steve & Vicki Gorham

Loreli Covert Waller & Judy Winters

Jim Rafferty

John Hill & Andy Fraser

Diane DeWitt & Graig Otte

Rod & Marcia Gorman McGaughey,
John & Cyndy Jones Petticrew

John & Glenna Hill

The Freeport Country Club

Frances & Randy Hawley

Zena Holloway Bradley & Ed Bradley

Dan Rudisill

Linda Meyers Zimbelman

Karen & Gary Besley

Pat Norman & Deb Bruce Taylor

Sandra Burris and Al Nettles
with the memorial bells

Al Nettles with Bob Ostendorf

Jim & Jeanne Jeffrey Mordick

Jane & Bob Sieveking

The Freeport Country Club

Priscilla Tucker Osborne, Bill & Cindy Carroll

Dave Kerr & Wendy Byerley

Gail Heitter Diehl & Priscilla Tucker Osborne

Ruth Brick Skutt & Gene Skutt

Kathleen Heidenreich Rock, Sharon DeVon Roush
& Linda Frende Ferro

Judy Winters, Vicki Sarles Standley & Dave Kerr

Rod & Marcia Gorman McGaughey

Jon & Pat Kirkpatrick

Crystal Cheeseman Porter & John Porter

Diana Nelson Rudisill and David & Joan Bast

Margaret Backus Wild & Bob Wild

Jennifer & Don Gennusa

Ann Field & Bruce Swartz

Cyndy Wehrenberg Boeke, Sharon DeVon Roush
& Linda Frende Ferro

Betty Johnson Boekholder & Deb Keith

The Reconnecting Board

Chris & Chris Nichols Theodore

Donna & Terry Herbig

This photo by Gerry Minear.

Natalie Maines Rosenstiel & Diane Minear

More to come.
Email me your photos,
or if you have a lot,
burn them to a CD or DVD
or send them on a thumb drive.

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