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Leo Paschelke
Leo Paschelke at work
Leo Paschelke developed this technique while working on his pregnant wife in 1948. “I have spent (over) 40 years developing this system and have given 33,000 treatments so that others may have relief from pain. I would like to help anyone who needs it,” Leo Paschelke told the news reporter. “ His story had been told in newspaper articles “Neighbors: He knows about pain,” “Retired logger now soft touch for those in pain,” and “Getting the message on massage.” KOIN TV did a feature of Paschelke and his technique in 1990 and repeated it as one of their top ten stories of the year.

Sharon Jakeways
Sharon Jakeways
Licensed Massage Therapist
Paschelke Massage has become a living legacy that Sharon Jakeways, LMT continues at the Paschelke Massage Center. A certification program for Paschelke Massage is offered to individuals who wish to become part of the legacy.

"The Paschelke Method : Massage from the Great Northwest" by Wendal Anderson was featured in the May/June 1996 issue of Massage magazine page 80.

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Paschelke Massage Center
Sharon Jakeways, LMT

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