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Paschelke Massage: Relief for Stress and Pain

This 54 minute instructional video features:

Paschelke Touch
Showing the most common hand positions and useful tips.

Full body
Demonstation done with fully clothed individual. Paschelke, however, can just as easily be performed using lotion or oil on a client that has be draped.

On-Site Chair
One of the fastest growing markets in the massage field is On-Site Chair massage. Learn chair massage and take advantage of this expanding market. Many offices, corporation sponsored health fairs, airports, sports events, local fairs etc. are open to having massage therapist.

Sidelying position
Getting a massage while in a side - lying position is great for treating anyone who has: sinus problems; low back trouble; abdominal surgery; hip, knee or shoulder disorders; is pregnant; heart conditions; shortness of breath; abuse survivors, claustrophobic individuals that cannot use a face cradle and those over weight.

Available in VHS & PAL (other formats on request) for $39.95 plus S/H $3.00 within the United States and $8 for International orders. Discounts for quantities available. All monies must be in U.S. Funds. Send check or money order payable to:

Paschelke Massage Center
PO Box 922
Marcola OR 97454

Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

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