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Paschelke Massage
On-Site at local malls and fairs is an excellent way to educate the public to the benefits of massage.
Paschelke Massage
She will enjoy massage all of her life.
Paschelke Massage
Paschelke Massage outdoors at a Fat Tire Festival (non motorized mountain bike races).
The Touch
Each single movement combines vibration, pressure, friction or cross friction and manipulation of muscle fiber into a rhythmic motion. Gentle rocking is created while applying the technique. Neuromuscular relaxation, lengthening of muscle fiber and balancing of the body’s energy flow are the results. The pads of the fingertips or thumbs most commonly apply the "movement." Each treatment is tailored to the individual's level of sensitivity. The tension is quickly removed layer by layer. More pain does not necessarily mean better results. Discomfort and pain are kept to a minimum.

Massage Therapists

Whether you work out of a massage office or do On-Site to business or events, Paschelke Massage is the technique of choice. In the massage office you have the freedom of offering treatments using a lotion or oil or working over clothing. Offering choices to your clients is an advantage and often expands your client base.

Massage Clients
A broad spectrum of repeat clients include: students, doctors, loggers, dentists, massage therapists, ministers, homemakers, truck drivers, clerks, crane operators, news reporters, mill workers, police officers, tax consultants, equestrians, print press operators, secretaries, veterinarians, ballerinas, athletes, farriers (horse shoers), the physically handicapped, professional house cleaners, the chronologically gifted (80 +), business owners, military personnel, newborn, and children.

Experience Paschelke Massage.
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