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Wa-shelke is Paschelke massage applied in shallow warm water. Whether it is a hot tub or a large swimming pool the freedom of working in a warm water environment has to be experienced.


Wa -shelke came into existence at Breitenbush Hot Springs in October of 1996. As Sharon Jakeways sat in the hot springs pool she worked on a man who had a jammed shoulder. The man had received several chiropractic treatments as well as several massage treatments in prior weeks. His neck and shoulder girdle were still painful. The warm water pool allowed his body to be floated. Paschelke massage flowed into a new form The results were Wa-shelke stunning. The normal side to side movements created while doing Paschelke were reaching even deepest levels of muscle fiber with minimal effort. Would it be the same on a slender individual as well as on the well muscled? With no shortage of volunteers present, tests were immediately conducted. The result was the same for all body types. Whether it was neck, low back and hip problems equal results were achieved. Richard Ireland, one of the test subjects, decided this new form need itís own name. Water Paschelke became Wa-shelke.


From Wasilla, Alaska to Springfield, Oregon individuals have learned Wa- shelke. February 1998 The Oregon Massage Therapists Association sponsored a Wa-shelke Workshop a Kahneeta Hot Springs in Oregon. For information about Wa - shelke training leave your information on the Comment/Reservation Form.

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