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Remarkable Stories,
Volume 1

by Robert Bike

Remarkable events have happened in Freeport and Stephenson County, Illinois, and remarkable people have lived there. These are stories gathered about people and events from 1835 through World War II.

By no means complete, these are overviews of lives and events which shaped our country and our world. From events in the lives of Tutty Baker, Abraham Lincoln, Charles Guiteau, Leonard Colby, Jane Addams and Bob Wienand come stories that will amaze you. Welcome to Volume 1 of our living history.

The author lives in Eugene, Oregon, and works as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Life Coach. An amateur historian, parts of these stories and many more appear on this website.

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Biblical Aromatherapy

by Robert Bike

The Bible mentions about 232 plants by name, or closely enough to figure out what plant is meant. Of these, 24 are aromatic plants; that is, parts of the plants can be pressed or distilled to get an essential oil. Essential oils are the lifeblood of plants and have tremendous healing capabilities.

The healing power of plants is the basis for modern medicines.

Biblical Aromatherapy
discusses how the plants were used in biblical days and how you can use the essential oils from biblical plants.

Originally published in manuscript form in 1999, I completely revised the book and added illustrations.

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"My Life Purpose is to inspire my friends
and clients to achieve
success, health,
wealth and happiness
by empowering them
to reach their potential,
while living in harmony
with each other, animals
and our planet."
Robert Bike

Robert Bike, LMT, LLC

The Polaris is the high school annual from Freeport High School, Freeport, Illinois.

All text and photos Copyright 2002 - present Robert L. Bike, except for direct quotes from the Polaris, and other uncopyrighted material in the public domain.

The Class of 1909

1909 Polaris cover

Eda Atkins, Journal office, Freeport.

Ralph Behan,

Verna Bennethum, Northwestern University, Freeport.

Ethel Best,

Grace Best, bookkeeper, Freeport.

Marjorie Best, post graduate FHS, Freeport.

Earl E. Bokemeier, rancher, Missoula, Montana.

Geneva Bowler, Journal office, Freeport.

Alfred Brandt,

Donald L. Breed, U of C Class of 1913, Freeport.

Ruby Carl,

Elizabeth M. Croke, teacher, Fort Dodge, Iowa.

Ethel Crownover,

Harriet Dinderman, teacher, Freeport.

Florence Dorman, Freeport.

Alpheus Dresser,

Robert Engle, farmer, Freeport.

Hazel Evans,

Emma Faerber, Demeter & Seitz, Freeport.

Luella Fonken,

Margaret Fox,

Vivian Gilman, teacher, Lena, Illinois.

Florence Goethe, post graduate FHS, Freeport.

Miss Graham,

Gertrude Grattelo,

Estelle or Stella Higley, teacher, rural school, Freeport.

Herbert Hime, Baumgarten Electric Co., Freeport.

Leroy Hoefer,

Wave Jones,

Emilie Jungkunz,

Ilma Junkunz,

Loella Keeler,

Raymond Kennedy,

Marie Kintzle,

Myrtle Kleckner, Freeport.

Clayton Klontz, U of I, McConnell, Illinois.

Elta Koenig, stenographer, Freeport.

Norma Lash.

Hobart Lebkicher, Freeport.

Roy Liebhart, Freeport.

Vera Lohr,

Fairy Mallory, DeKalb Normal, Freeport.

Carrie Maurer, Freeport.

William McCall,

Irene McSherry, Freeport.

Clara Meierkort,

Florence Montague,

Myrtle Meyer, stenographer, Hoefer Mfg. Co., Freeport.

Elsie Myers, stenographer, Meyer Vinegar Works, Freeport.

Mayme Nagle, stenographer, Freeport.

Clarence Neitz,

Maude Nesbit, post graduate FHS, Freeport.

James O'Connor,

D'Arcy Osborne,

Florence Parker,

Marguerite Parks, bookkeeper, Freeport.

Grace Peck,

Georgiana Ratz, bookkeeper, Freeport.

Ethel Mallory,

Fairie Mallory,

William Harold McCall,

Irene McSherry,

Hilda Schilling,

Carl Schoeffel, U of M Class of 1913, Freeport.

Cora Schultz, stenographer, Freeport.

George Schwab, Burlington RR mail clerk, Clay Center, Nebraska

Hazel Schwarz, teacher, Freeport.

Claire Shippy, carpenter, Freeport.

Earl Shippy, Emmert's Drug Store, Freeport.

Anna Silberman, teacher, Chicago.

Clell Skinner,

Clara Starkweather,

Sina Steenrod,

Martha Stiffler, college, Sinsinawa, Freeport.

Mae Stewart, stenographer, Freeport.

Pearl Stout, teacher, Freeport.

Aimee Taggart, Rockford College, Ridott.

Robert Ulrich, Moline Plow Co., Freeport.

Ralph Unangst,

John Vaupel,

Rosalia Vautsmeier, teacher, Freeport.

Alfred Wagner, Wagner Furniture Store, Freeport.

Dee Wheeler.

World War I Veteran from the Class of 1909

Hobart Lebkicker, Engineers, Overseas.

Faculty in 1909

L. A. Fulwider, Principal and History; Frances A. Rosebrugh, Mathematics; Flora Guiteau, Latin; Allie M. Reitzell, Biology; E. M. Phillips, Science; Howard T. McMyler, Mathematics; Katharina Ruebel, German; Alice T. Bidwell, English; Mabel Goddard, English; Arthur J. Parsons, English & History; Vita A. Graham, History; Minnie M. Davis, Music; Virginia C. Richeson, Domestic Science; Esther Dana, Art; J. A. Seefelder, Manual Training.

Globe Park in 1909

Globe Park in 1909 was a park privately owned by Dr. W. W. Krape, 120 acres of rugged cliffs, deep ravines, twin caves, a natural bridge, and lots of trees, shrubs and flowers. Known in earlier days as Beebe's Woods, the park had been home to Chautauquas, Kryl's band performances, William Jennings Bryan's Cross of Gold lecture, Father Vaughn's Shakespeare lecture and many, many picnics. In August of 1911, Dr. Krape suggested that the city buy the park, and after a citizen vote of 1550 for and just 543 against, the Park Board bought the park in May 1913 for $29,000.

Pecatonica River in 1909

This is a view of the Pecatonica River from the Cedarville Bridge, now known as the Van Buren Bridge. I cannot tell from the view if it is looking east or west. If east, the factory stack may be Fairbanks Morse. If looking west, it may be the Organ Factory.

The Organ Factory, started in 1894 as the Burdett Organ Factory, became Cable & Burdett in 1901, and in 1907 until its close in 1924, was S. N. Swan and Sons.

St. Francis Hospital
Card postmarked 1909 showing St. Francis Hospital.

card postmarked 1909 showing the Stephenson County Court House
The Court House in 1909.

The Court House and Soldiers' Monument in 1909.

card postmarked in 1909 showing Stephenson Street and the Brewster Hotel

Stephenson Street looking west in 1909. Note the horses and buggies, and the trolley tracks running up the middle of the street. The Brewster Hotel is on the right.

card postmarked 1909 showing Stephenson Street looking east
Stephenson Street looking east in 1909.

cardl postmarked 1909 showing Third Ward Park
Third Ward Park in 1909.

card postmarked in 1909 showing colorized version of Third Ward Park
Colorized view of Third Ward Park in 1909.

card postmarked 1909 showing the Water Works
The Freeport Water Works in 1909.

card postmarked 1909 showing the YMCA
The YMCA in 1909. Note the early cars and horse and buggy.

card postmarked in 1909 showing Stephenson Street looking east
Looking east on Stephenson Street in 1909.
City Hall is on the left, the YMCA on the right.

Freeport High School

Freeport High School in 1909.

Freeport Fire Department

Freeport Fire Department in 1909.
This image is from a postcard.
Kevin Lee has the original negative.
His great-grandfather, Robert Thurston Lee,
was a Freeport firefighter.

Freeport's Highland Park in 1909.

St. John Church in 1909.

Postcard of St. John Church, message.

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Freeport High School

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