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Remarkable Stories,
Volume 1

by Robert Bike

Remarkable events have happened in Freeport and Stephenson County, Illinois, and remarkable people have lived there. These are stories gathered about people and events from 1835 through World War II.

By no means complete, these are overviews of lives and events which shaped our country and our world. From events in the lives of Tutty Baker, Abraham Lincoln, Charles Guiteau, Leonard Colby, Jane Addams and Bob Wienand come stories that will amaze you. Welcome to Volume 1 of our living history.

The author lives in Eugene, Oregon, and works as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Life Coach. An amateur historian, parts of these stories and many more appear on this website.

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Biblical Aromatherapy

by Robert Bike

The Bible mentions about 232 plants by name, or closely enough to figure out what plant is meant. Of these, 24 are aromatic plants; that is, parts of the plants can be pressed or distilled to get an essential oil. Essential oils are the lifeblood of plants and have tremendous healing capabilities.

The healing power of plants is the basis for modern medicines.

Biblical Aromatherapy
discusses how the plants were used in biblical days and how you can use the essential oils from biblical plants.

Originally published in manuscript form in 1999, I completely revised the book and added illustrations.

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The Polaris is the high school annual from Freeport High School, Freeport, Illinois.

All text and photos Copyright 2002 - present Robert L. Bike, except for photos listed and uncopyrighted material in the public domain.

The Class of 1948

The 1948 Polaris, cover scan courtesy of Karen Otto Hutmacher, Class of 1965
The 1948 Polaris

William Altenbern

Laverne Baker, Patricia Bangasser, Marilyn Bardell, Laurence Barker, John Barrett, Mary Ellen Bast, Jeanine Bauer, Jack Bauscher, Jewell Bendt, Jack Bentley, Janice Berends, Norma Bessert, Sheldon Best, June Boeke, Bion Birkett, Norma Born, Elvera Bowers, Lorris Bowers, Betty Breeze, David J. Brinkmeier, Lois Brinkmeier, Mary Broge, Robert Brown, Lloyd Brumfield, Patricia Burns, Charles Butcher

Robert Camerer, Arnetta Campbell, Edward Cardinal, Aphrodite Chiames, Leonard Christen, Marjorie Clark, Beatrice Coomber, Raymond Cronau, Carol Crowe, Betty Cummins

Kenneth Datt, Donna Davidson, Erma Lee Davis, James Davis, Laura Dean, Laraine Deethardt, Willis Dickens, Norma Dieterman, Richard Ditzler, Daniel Dominick, Mary Lou Donahue, Priscilla Dorsey, Russell Dorsey, Cynthia Dreibelbis, Janice Dyslin

Richard Eastman, Raymond Eder, David Eisenbise, Catherine Elliott, Joanne Ely, Robert Ely

Ernest Fike, James Fink, Wayne Finkboner, Anthony Fontana, Nunzio Fontana, Darrell Frank

Hobart Gaar, Roger Gallagher, Keith Garns, Glorianne George, Shirley Gibson, Georgia Gienapp, Frederic Gill, Kenneth Gore, Dale Gramley, Thomas Grattelo, Richard Graves, Kenneth Greene, Teddy Greier, William Guffey

John Habecker, Doris Haight, Donn Hannah, Russell Harlacher, Norbert Harnish, Jean Harris, Harvey Heidel, Robert Heilman, Iola Henry, John Hess, Charles Hickman, Robert Higley, Herbert Hildebrandt, Everett Hoefle, Lester Horton, Quentin Howarth, John Howington, Rita Ann Hrubecky, Helen Huesing, Marilyn Hull, Paul Hutmacher, Vernon Hykle, Martha Hyslop, Florence Hyzer

Irma Jacobs, Myla Jacobs, Philip Jeffrey, Phyllis Johnson, Robert Johnston, Sandra Jury

Elizabeth Kahl, Alice Kahly, Shirley Kaiser, Evelyn Kant, Jean Kasten, Lowell Kasten, Wayne Kempthorne, Malcolm Kennedy, Marjorie Kent, Robert Kilker, James Kintzel, William Kinzig, Allen Kirchberg, Jean Kirkman, Audrey Klaus, Gloria Klaus, Joyce Klosa, Joan Knauff, James Kneller, Mills Thomas Kneller, Betty Knipschild, Shirley Koch, Marilyn Koeller, Christie Kortes, Leo Krueger, Ruth Kurth

Charlotte Lamm, Leonard Lamm, Paul Lamm, Delores Law, Harold Lawson, Albert Lenoir, Wesley Liebergesell, Iva Liscom, William Liscom, Margaret Little, Beatrice Long, Charles Loring, Betty Jean Lubbers, Lorna Luebbing

Jo Anne MacKenzie, Oliver Mackett, Robert Mackey, Ena Mae Maeder, Donald Mammoser, Donna Mantzke, Chester Marcum, Betty Marsh, Joyce Maukstad, Marilyn Maukstad, George Maxey, Edward McClanahan, Ernest McGee, Nola McGee, Clarence McIlvanie, Lucean McNair, Norma Mensenkamp, Carol Merchant, Betty Lou Meyer, Herschel Meyer, Gerald Miller, Lucille Miller, Phyllis Miller, Leland Mitchell, Shirley Morden

Mary Jane Nesemeyer

George Oberhart, Joan Olson, Melvin Olson, Louis Otte

Joan Palmer, Jean Panske, Jean Pashley, Evelyn Peacock, Helen Peacock, Lionel Pearson, Dolores Peck, Donald Peifer

Shirley Rahn, Gerald Rampenthal, Darrell Ransom, Betty Ann Reed, Myra Regez, Fred Reid, Marilyn Remmers, Molly Rideout, Sally Rideout, Norma Rockow, Betty Ross, Jarol Ross, DeEsta Roth

George Sabin, Ralph Sabin, Clara Scaros, Barbara Schimelpfenig, Jack Schlaefer, Dorothy Schlegel, Joan Schrader, Richard Schweder, Lyle Schwitz, Ernest Schult, Patricia Sellke, Edward Shepler, Marilyn Shouer, June Sisler, David Smith, Elvera Smith, Loren Smith, Gordon Snyder, Elliott Soliday, Carla Spielman, Mildred Spliethoff, Norma Staas, Ronald Staben, Frank Stanfield, Charles Stauffer, Gerald Stees, Neal Steinhoff, Kenneth Stephens, Dolores Stephenson, Dwight Stephenson, Joel Stevens, Jack Stocker, Clifford Stout

Carl Thompson, Clarence Thompson, Harold Tucker

Glen Underwood

Quentin Valkema, Ray Vallarta, Harry Vandenberg, Delores Veach, Janice Vietmeyer, Robert Vohlken, Maxine Voss

Donald Wachlin, Clark Wagner, Donna Wahler, Darline Wales, Norma Waller, Robert Walter, Merle Wardlow, Betty Weckerly, Betty West, Douglas Whalen, William Wheat, Ruth Whitsell, Jerrye Willits, Claude Wilson, William Winters, Hilda Wirtjes, Kendel Witte, Polly Wootan

Dorothy Yahnke, Betty Young, Stanley Young.

The Commencement Program, Thursday June 10, 1948, in the FHS Gym.
The Commencement Program, Thursday June 10, 1948, in the FHS Gym.The Commencement Program, Thursday June 10, 1948, in the FHS Gym.
The Commencement Program, Thursday June 10, 1948, in the FHS Gym.
The Commencement Program, Thursday June 10, 1948, in the FHS Gym.


The 1948 Polaris showed unmarried teachers grouped together, and married teachers with their families.

Shown are Marguerite Huebner and Carolyn Musser.

Mabel Bowers, Dagmar Hansen and Josephine McHenry.

Lorraine Marcum, Christine Eklund and Elizabeth Harmon.


Many were still teaching when I graduated in 1966.

Shown are the Richard Lumby family with John.

Edith Lyle, Fern Kuhlemeyer and Jeannette Lloyd.

The Reuben Baumgartner family with Richard.


The Woody Fulkerson family with John & Mary Jane.

Alma Rucker and Harry Kruse.

Lillian Matthiesen and Dorothy Nelson.


The Howard Doolin family with Michele.

The Harry Kinert family with Karen & Tony.

Murry Funk and Boyd Garns.


Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Farr.

The Ralph Enstrom family with Mary Louise and George.

The Thomas Spring family with Gary.


Mr. and Mrs. Merritt Allen with Billy and Charles.

Mr. and Mrs. Josef Spudich with Stephen.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nicklas with Dick and Ted and their cocker spaniel.


Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Carpenter with Janet and Ann.

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Seeman with Linda and Larry.

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Durham with Ralph and Michael.

FHS Principal L. E. Mensenkamp

FHS Principal L. E. Mensenkamp and Mrs. Mensenkamp.

Naomi Anderson, Registrar with Mr. Anderson.

There were eight sets of twins at FHS in 1948, including two sets of teachers!
Senior officers
Senior officers: Lee Mitchell - President, Ollie Mackert - VP, Betty Young - Secretary-Treasurer
Some of the Seniors from the Class of 1948.
Junior officers
Junior officers from the Class of 1949: Jack Gift - President, Peggy Myers - VP, Ann Wheat - Secretary-Treasurer.
Sophomore officers from the Class of 1950: Ronald Polhill - President, Donald Fogel - VP, Lewis Wilson - Secretary-Treasurer.
Freshmen officers
Freshmen officers from the Class of 1951: Dick McGill - President, Melvin Johnson - VP, Cynthia Ousley - Secretary-Treasurer
Eighth Graders
Eighth Graders, the Class of 1952
Here are the subjects they were studying in 1948.
The Library and Drivers' Ed

The Library and Drivers' Ed.

Nice cars!

The Board of Education and the new Agriculture building.
the Girls' Athletic Association
Instead of girls' sports, there was the Girls' Athletic Association.

And some pretty cheerleaders!

J. Kutsus, D. Smith, J. Kutsus,
D. Eckert, A. Vohlken,
N. Rasmussen and J. Lenz.

The 1947 football team won just two games on the field, and one by forfeit.
Varsity basketball
The 1947-48 Varsity basketball team was about 16-8.
basketball teams
The various basketball teams.
McKinley "Deacon" Davis
The Freshman-Sophomore team won its first 16 games. They were the seeds of the 1951 State Championship team. McKinley "Deacon" Davis is shown at bottom, second from right, palming two basketballs. He went on to star for Freeport and the University of Iowa. He played three seasons for the Harlem Globetrotters. He spent the rest of his life as a humanitarian.
the Big Eight conference
Freeport then played in the Big Eight conference. Shown are the other seven schools with their school songs.
Footprints in the snows of time.
The FHS tower
The FHS tower in springtime.
The FHS War Memorial The FHS War Memorial.

The plaque states:


Robert Albert Ronald Fickert Gustave Midthun
William Barker Wilbur Finkboner Thomas Morris
Dwight Belknap Clarence Fishburn Roy Morris
Kenneth Belknap Donald Gallagher Glen Nelson
Eugene Biesemeier Frank Giuffre Gregg Nesemeier
Edward Branthaver Robert Glaman Everette Osgood
Robert Breyman Floyd Hanson Adolph Rampenthal
Arnold Buckland Clarence Harnish Russell Rayhorn
Theo Bunnell John Healy Richard Rogers
Merle Canfield Theodore Herbig Robert Schunk
Frederick Carstedt Wilbur Keil Jack Selke
Robert Collati Warren Keister Robert Speer
Robert Crowell Paul Kempert

William Stevens

James Dillon Russell Lamm Alvin Voss
Norman Engle Lawrence Lawver Donald Weber
Vernon Evans Orville Lutz Henry Wienand
William Evans Andrew McBride William Young
  Darrel Mellen  


The Henry Wienand listed is Henry Robert Wienand, known as Bob Wienand. He was my mother's brother.

The Alvernian, the yearbook of the St. Francis Hospital School of Nursing

The Alvernian, the yearbook of the St. Francis Hospital School of Nursing, celebrating the 25th year of the school.

I was born in St. Francis Hospital in 1948!

St. Francis Hospital in 1948

St. Francis Hospital in 1948.

The original hospital is at the left, the new addition on the right.

The driveway at the far right is the ambulance entrance.

I was born on the third floor of the old wing at the far left.

the Delivery Room

The top photo shows the Delivery Room where I was born.

The Delivery Room nurse shown is Sister M. Luella, R.N.

The center photo shows the Nursery.

I cannot make out the names on the labels showing who the babies are.

The nurse shown in the Nursery is student nurse Ida Mae Vittorio.

The bottom photo shows the Nursery in 1923, with student nurses Hillebrecht and Niles, and Sister M. Ermalinda.

Dr. Marie H. Bohn

Dr. Marie H. Bohn, shown at top right, was the doctor who delivered me.

Other doctors shown are Wiley, Kortemeier, Bess, Doelker, Rockey, Shelly and Karcher.

Doctors shown on other pages are Grant, Linden and Graff.

These pages show Freeport, and tell Freeport's history.
Clockwise from upper left: the map shows Freeport in the center of the midwest; the Lincoln-Douglas debate memorial; the bridge at Krape Park; the original St. Francis Hospital; unknown house; Freeport High School; the statue of Lincoln in Taylor Park. Can anyone help me identify the house?
field trip
The student nurses heading off on a field trip to the State Hospital at Dixon.

The student nurses go bowling.

The sign on the wall says it is the Pla-Mor Bowling Alleys.

The bowling alley was later known as the Sports Bowl.

Mike Meade, who now owns the building, wrote that the address is 301 W. Main Street.

Mike says that the building is now known to most as Freeport Beauty Supply, but originally, the building was the Oddfellows Temple.

He wrote that the lanes were removed sometime after the previous owner had it, and the wood was stored in the basement.


The student nurses playing softball on the front lawns of some houses.

I'm guessing this is S. Walnut Avenue, near the hospital.

Does anyone recognize these houses?


The student nurses playing tennis.

I have no idea where this is.

Does anyone recognize this?


Inside the Nurse's Home, and the basement laundry.

Shown is the Easy Washer.

My parents had one like this in our basement. The left side is the washer with agitator; the right half has a spinner.

The laundry basket on the floor is also like one my parents had; it is a peck with a plastic liner.

The laundry was then laid out to dry on racks.

The student nurses' underwear is drying on the center rack! LOL

The Junior Class

The Junior Class.

Back row: Patricia Sauer, Mary Henen, Mardell Johnson, Alice Then.

Front Row: Alta Tielkemeier, Florence Caygill, Mildred Then.

The Senior Class
The Senior Class

Dorothy Stichter, Julia Robbe,
Betty Weber, June Chapin,
Gertrude Ziehli, Betty Lou Jaeger,
Ida Mae Vittorio.
Graduation Day
Graduation Day

The Class of 1947 taking the Florence Nightingale Pledge.
The Class of 1947

The Class of 1947

Shown are Elsie Mae Banwarth, Mary Ann Beckmann, Jean Onalee Chapin, Helen Elizabeth Cleary, Mary Kathleen Daly and Carol Marion Ditzler.

Not shown are Dorothy Elaine Ellis, Della Marie Gitchel, Agnes Berniece Heiring, Germaine Marie Heiring, Mary Ilene Hill, Jean Marie Johnson, Woneda Ann Martel, Florence Margaret Marx, Margie Mary Murray, Elsie Cecelia Untersee, Irma Elizabeth Walker, and Elizabeth Vera Werner.

The Class of 1948

The Class of 1948

June Elouise Chapin, Elizabeth Lucille Jaeger,

Julia Arlene Robbe, Dorothy Mae Stichter,

Ida Mae Vittorio, Betty Jane Weber,

Gertrude Priska Ziehli


In the bottom photo, Nurse Frances Steinmetz is shampooing a patient's hair.

The top photo is perhaps my favorite in the entire yearbook.

The caption states:

"Sisters ready to take off for their annual picnic. Fishing rods, worms, ball and bat, are important things for the day's outing."

And they are riding in the back of an open-air dump truck!


1948 license plate

My father's 1948 license plate.
This plate was made from a heavy cardboard because of
a shortage of metals during and after WWII.

Oregon 1948 license plate

In comparison, the Oregon 1948 license plate was made from steel.

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