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Remarkable Stories,
Volume 1

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Remarkable events have happened in Freeport and Stephenson County, Illinois, and remarkable people have lived there. These are stories gathered about people and events from 1835 through World War II.

By no means complete, these are overviews of lives and events which shaped our country and our world. From events in the lives of Tutty Baker, Abraham Lincoln, Charles Guiteau, Leonard Colby, Jane Addams and Bob Wienand come stories that will amaze you. Welcome to Volume 1 of our living history.

The author lives in Eugene, Oregon, and works as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Life Coach. An amateur historian, parts of these stories and many more appear on this website.

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The healing power of plants is the basis for modern medicines.

Biblical Aromatherapy
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The Polaris is the high school annual from Freeport High School, Freeport, Illinois.

All text and photos Copyright 2002 - present Robert L. Bike, except for photos and direct quotes from the Polaris, which is uncopyrighted material in the public domain.

The 1919 Polaris

Volume XV

Published by
The Senior Class
Freeport High School
Freeport, Illinois
The Polaris 1919

Senior Class of 1919

Blanche Alberts, Leona Alberts, Samuel Alberts, Arthur Anderson, Caroline Anderson, Russel Anderson, Aletha Aspinwall, Mildred Arnsmeier,

Walter Bauscher, Clarence Brubaker, Donald Brubaker, Ramona Burch,

Florence Carmody, Carter Clinton, John Cunningham,

Alice Daacon, Catherine Dignan,

Ralph Eder, Ruth Edmondson, Gladys Eels, Herbert Eichelberger, Valence Elvey,

Dorothy Flachtmeier, Clark Folgate, Raymond Folgate, Evelyn Frank,

Joseph Grattelo, Robert Grattelo,

Walton Hall, Kenneth Haller, Frances Hartman, Louis Hess,

Wilma Ickes, Roy Iler,

Emily Jaeger, Theresa Johnson,

Harold Keck, Margaret Keiner, Jean Kennedy,

Katherine Landolt, Ida Lawver,

Clark Martin, Arlene Matter, Nina McCulloch, Edna McGrath, Frank McMillan, Agnes McNary, Margaret Mertins, Blanche Miller, Robert Mitchell, Marion Moss, Eunice Morse,

Harold Nortridge,

Stacy Packard, Edward Petrie, Rebekah Phillips, Donald Piersol, Marjorie Prall,

Ellen Raepple, Joseph Raepple, Walter Rideout, Anna Rodemeier, Howare Rolfe, Howard Rowen,

Elisabeth Sanford, Edward Scanlan, Florence Schoeffel, Harold Schrader, Willard Schular, Archie Schwarze, Mac Seyfarth, Dorothy Shelp, Lois Smith, Helen Snook, Harold Snyder, Daniel Sullivan,

Harold Taft, Jean Taggart, Clarence Tempel, Russel Thompson, Honor Thro,

Carl Voigt,

Anna Wessels, Estella Wilkey, Herschel Woodring,

Clarence Zimmerman, Mabel Zimmerman, George Zipf.

The Class of 1919 was heavily affected by the war and the Spanish Influenza pandemic, which killed thousands of people in the U.S.A.

Freeport High School in 1919
Freeport High School in 1919

The 1919 Polaris was dedicated to the following FHS graduates who served in the Great War, what we now call World War I. They are listed along with the year they graduated.

Frederick Ardern, 1914
Ralph Aspinwall, 1916
Milo Atkins, 1914
Max Atrim, 1913
William Barnds, 1914
John Barrett, 1912
Charles Beck, 1911
Morris Beddoes, 1917
Fred Best, 1912
Henry Biersach, 1912
Herbert Biersach, 1917, Died of Influenza
Jerald Bigelow, 1915
Raymond Billerbeck, 1917
Donald Billig, 1917
Ray Bolender, 1916
Henry Brau, 1914
Raymond Britt, 1913
Ed Brockhausen, 1911
Clark Brubaker, 1916
Lynn Buchta, 1918
Edward Burwell, 1917
Charles Byerly, 1913
Frederick Byerly, 1908
William Calkins, 1915
John Cardin, 1912
Malcom Chandler, 1918
Lloyd Clifford, 1913
Carrol Crawford, 1911
Leslie Crockett, 1913
Louis Crockett, 1918
Newell Crockett
Joseph Dailey, 1911
Clifford Daniels, 1914
Edwin Davis, 1916
Leonard Davis, 1913
Theodore Demeter, 1916, Killed in Action
Earle Devoe, 1917
Clarence Dietmeier, 1912
Homer Dietmeier, 1914
Carl Dippell, 1911
Lawrence Dippell, 1915
John Doughtery, 1918
Dewey Eder, 1916
Roman Edler, 1917
William Edmundson, 1914
Clark Eichelberger, 1914
Noel Elvey, 1915
Dwight Emerick, 1916
William Ennenga, 1916
Elmo Eson, 1916, Died of Spanish Influenza
James Ewing, 1911
Lawrence Fisher, 1913
Ralph Fischer, 1911
James Fitzpatrick, 1915
Torrey Foy, 1915
Chester Francis, 1918
Paul Frisbie, 1917
Dick Fry, 1910
Byron Fulwider, 1912
James Fulwider, 1915
Wilber Goddard, 1911
Ulysses Goddard, 1906
Earl Grace, 1912
David Graham, 1906
Herbert Grattelo, 1913
John Gray, 1910
Lloyd Gray, 1912
Marion Gray, 1916
George Green, 1906
Ralph Grossman, 1911
Julius Guhl, 1915
Marvin Guhl, 1914
Roy Guhl, 1916
Lloyd Haase, 1915
Donald Hanke, 1916
Harry Hanke, 1906
James Harpster, 1918
John Hart, 1914
James Hea, 1914
Elbert Herlocker
Roswell Herrick, 1918
Boyd Hill, 1916
Oscar Hill, 1915
Herbert Hime, 1905
Merrill Hoefer, 1914
Karl Hoffman, 1915
Harry Hoy, 1907
Harry Hoyman, 1911
Fred Jansen, 1914
Frederick Jungkunz, 1912
William Jungkunz, 1913
Stanley Kahl, 1917
Vernan Kahl, 1912
George Kleckner, 1916
Hugh Kleckner, 1913
Vernon Klontz, 1913
Leon Knipschild, 1918
Russel Knobel, 1915
Russel Knott, 1916
Kenneth Knowlton
Henry Knoz, 1916
Leo Koehler, 1915
Edwin Krape, 1914
Homer Kuhlemeyer, 1918

FHS Graduates in War
FHS Graduates in War
Photos, clockwise from upper left:
Chester Langenstein, Robert Langenstein (killed in action), Harry Liggett, Henry Lichtenberger, and George Lipscomb.

I believe that George Dewey Lipscomb was the first black person to graduate from Freeport High School. He is the only non-white in the 1919 Polaris from any graduation class. But he was not the first black to attend Freeport schools. Black Abe attended the first Freeport school in 1843. There were no "graduates" before 1863, so Black Abe never graduated.

Chester Langenstein, 1917
Robert Langenstein, 1913, Killed in Action
Earl Lawver, 1911
Hobart Lebkicker, 1909
Charles Lee, 1912
Arthur Lentz, 1913
Henry Lichtenberger, 1913
Roy Liephart, 1910
Harry Liggett, 1915
George Lipscomb, 1917
Harry Ludwig, 1915
Charles Markel, 1913
Elmer McCool, 1913
Clarence Mease, 1911
Roy Moore
Harry Myers, 1917
John Nagle, 1912
Charles Neuberger, 1917
Walter Nolting, 1906
Dan Owens, 1916
Kent Owens, 1911
Wilbur Partridge, 1918
Lloyd Pfeil, 1918

FHS Graduates in War
Photos, clockwise from upper left:
Bert Prall, J. Maurice Phillips, Myrtle Prall, Katherine Porter
Center: W. T. Rawleigh, Jr.

Two of the three women FHS grads who served in the war are shown. The other is Susan B. Rosenstiel.

Rawleigh, son of the founder of Freeport's largest factory, died from Spanish Influenza while stationed at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station.

Maurice Phillips, 1913
Katherine Porter
Bert Prall, 1913
Myrtle Prall, 1914
W. T. Rawleigh, Jr., 1914, Died of Spanish Influenza
George Rideout, 1914
John Riner, 1903
Ralph Ritzman, 1911
Harold Roche, 1918
Lawrence Rockey, 1918
Merton Rogers, 1915
Susan B. Rosenstiel, 1900, Red Cross Nurse
Leo Rowen, 1917
Edwin Ryan, 1913
Francis Ryan, 1912
Clarence Scanlan, 1917
Franklin Secker, 1918
Robert Seeley
Newel Sensanbaugh, 1913
Kurt Siecke, 1913
Reint Sluiter, 1915
Dwight Smith, 1907
Paul Smith, 1915
Sidney Smith
Alfred Snively, 1916
Clifford Snively, 1916
Clarence Snyder, 1913
Harold Snyder, 1913
Oscar Speaker, 1917
Alex Steenrod, 1913
Terril Steenrod
Ralph Stein
Harry Stewart, 1914
Harry Stine, 1913
Harlan Stoller, 1917
Harold Sumner, 1916
Charles Taylor, 1915
Robin Thomas
Fred Thompson, 1911
Ethol Thompson, 1914
Donald Thoren, 1914
Hugo Tscherning, 1918
Luther Turner, 1911
Robert Ulrich, 1909
Walter Vautsmeier, 1905
Clyde Vipond, 1917
Harold Waldecker, 1916
Harold Wells, 1912
Leonard Wernicke, 1912
Fred Wheat, 1913
Harry Wheat, 1915
John Wheat, 1910
Lawrence Wilson, 1918
Clarence Winning, 1918
Vernon Wohlford, 1918
Earl Woodring, 1916
Burrel Wright, 1910
Edward Young, 1913
Fred Young, 1916
Russell Young, 1906
Walter Young, 1910
Don Younger, 1918
Ford Zartman, 1914
Delbert Zimmerman, 1917
Charles Zipf
Robert Zipf, 1912

(My grandfather, Henry C. Wienand, was in the Class of 1913, but did not graduate. He served in WW I, as did his brother, Charlie C. Wienand who was in the Class of 1908, but also did not graduate.)

Principal, Luther A. Fulwider
Luther A. Fulwider, FHS Principal 1904-1931+

L. A. Fulwider
George Zipf, Chairman of the Board of Control

Senior Officers
Raymond Folgate, President
George Zipf, Vice President
Donald Brubaker, Secretary
Kenneth Haller, Treasurer



"Due to the war, and its abnormal effects, heavyweight football material was very scarce. Many of the older boys decided to leave school and enter some branch of the service, or to work at some useful occupation." The heavyweight team was left with only 15 players, total, for both offense and defense. The lightweight team had just 11 players.

The Heavyweight team finished second in the conference. In the State Tournament, Freeport was defeated in the semifinals by Rockford, which won the State Championship. Kennedy was Captain. Maple was coach.

The Lightweight team went 12-1 and was undefeated in conference play. Wheat was captain.

There was a Girls' Basketball Team.

This was a new sport for the 1918-1919 season. There was an interclass tournament which lasted for two weeks. They hope to compete in interscholastic competition in the future.

Coach Maple left before the season started. Mr. Nye took over the team. Freeport finished in fifth place at the annual Big Seven meet.

Interclass Athletics:
"Owing to the ill effects of the 'flu', the athletic competition with other schools was suspended for several weeks." The interclass basketball tournament was won by the Junior Class. The Juniors later won the interclass track meet as well.


Student Newspaper:
Prior to 1919, the high school newspaper was published as the Semi-Monthly Polaris. Due to the war and the cost of materials, arrangements were made with the two local papers to reserve three columns twice a week for the High School news. The local newspapers were The Freeport Daily Bulletin, established 1878, and the Daily Journal-Standard.

The Polaris:

The 1919 Polaris Staff

Top row: Edward Scanlon & Dorothy Shelp, Faculty Records; Catherine Dignan & Donald Brubaker, Calendar; Jean Taggart & Louis Hess, Art Work; Blanche Albert, Music.

Middle row: Samuel Albert & Caroline Anderson, Soldier Records; Clarence Tempel, Business Manager; Miss Clara Ryan, Faculty Advisor; Herbert Eichelberger, Ads; Marian Moss & Dorothy Flachtenmeier, Soldier Records.

Bottom row: Harold Snyder & Marjorie Prall, Snapshots; Elizabeth Sanford & George Zipf, Editors; Harold Taft & Agnes McNary, Athletics; Frank McMillan, Dramatics.


Freeport participated in oratorical contests in Beloit, at the University of Chicago, in Lake Forest and the Big Seven contest in Dekalb. At the Beloit Oratorical Contest, Freeport's J. Herbert Eichelberger finished third with "Why we fought Germany." At the Big Seven contest, Freeport's Joseph Raepple won second with "President Wilson's Part in the Peace Conference." The Sophomore class had their own competition, which Robert Eckert won with "A Tribute To our Fallen Heroes."


L. M. Hiatt was the director of the F.H.S. Band and the F.H.S. Orchestra. There was a Treble Clef Club on campus.


The Senior Class presented "Mrs. Pat and The Law," a one act comedy, to raise money for the 1919 Polaris. The Spanish classes put on a play entitled, "El joven Medico unfortunado," which was believed to be the first play ever given in Spanish at Freeport High School. The Juniors presented "Contrary Mary," a comedy in three acts, at the Germania Hall. The fourth play was a one act Victory Liberty Loan appeal presented by the Sophomore Business English Classes, titled "Lest We Forget." The Senior Class presented "Officer 666," an elaborate comedy, at the Germania Hall.


Every Polaris is dependent upon the advertising by local merchants. Viewing the ads shows the differences and similarities through the decades. Here are the ads in the 1919 Polaris.

Bureau of Engraving, Minneapolis, Minnesota (apparently the publisher)

The Freeport Daily Bulletin, Established 1878, All the news all the time, job printing, Phone Main 12

Athan, service, satisfaction, quality, open all night

Bauscher's Flower Market, "Say it with flowers", John Bauscher, Prop., 104 Chicago St., Freeport, ill., Phone 374

C.P. Guenther & Co. Druggists and Pharmacists, Cor. Galena St. & S. Galena Ave., You may need some of these drugs, medicines, face powders, face creams, perfumes, stationery, cameras, photo supplies. If so, we have them in stock, and would be glad to supply you.

Emmert Drug Co., 111 Stephenson Street, Freeport, Ill., Phone 85, a good place to do your trading, drugs, stationery and sundries, Eastman Kodaks, amateur finishing

C. S. Barrett, Optician, Freeport, Ill, Have your eyes examined and glasses filled

J. D. Wheat & Sons, dry goods and notions, silks and fine dry goods a specialty, Corner Chicago and Galena Sts.

Martin's Model Shoe Parlors, Shoes for the whole family, come up and see us, walk up stairs and save a dollar

Edward Day Allington, 146 Stephenson St., 5 N. Galena Ave., Phone 397, Pianos, phonographs, Victrolas, everything known in music,
Best wishes to all galore,
I think of the days of yore,
The old "Golden Rule"
Our Freeport High School
A memory sweet evermore.

Sanford & Zartman Lumber Co., lumber, coal

Union Loan & Savings Association, the home of systematic saving, 152 Stephenson St., Freeport, Ill.

Security Trust Company, We sell farm mortgages. We issue farm mortgage certificates from $25.00 up. We act as executor, trustee, guardian, conservator, agent, receiver. Capital $100,000.00. Under state supervision.

State Bank of Freeport, capital and surplus over 1/2 million dollars. 3% interest paid on savings accounts.

F.A. Read, dry goods, ready to wear, rugs, This is your store, enjoy it. Everything in it is yours at reasonable prices.

$16 Ward, Made to measure suits or overcoats, exclusive $2.00 hatter

The Horse Shoe Cafe, H. W. Kinert, Prop., Phone 118, Equipped to feed everybody, clean feed, quick service, courteous treatment, 75 Chicago Street, Freeport, Ill., Open day and night

Welch & Hartman Clothiers, Men and Young Men's Outfitters

The Quality Hardware Co., Dealers in hardware, stoves, cutlery

The Palace Confectionery

H. C. Tempel, insurance, real estate, loans, 505 State Bank Building

"B B" Dye Works, D. C. Guccione, Prop., We clean anything and everything. Phone Main 652, 37 South Galena Avenue, Phone Main 93

Holsum, The best bread in the world. Made, sold, delivered. Clean, clean, clean. At all grocers, the best bread in the world. Hanover Bakery

Otto Wagner, Fountain Pens, Eversharp pencils, all kinds of typewriters and office supplies, fine stationery, writing materials, 110 Galena Avenue, Phone Main 389

E.R. Love, We can fix it. Bring it in. 163 Galena St.

H. J. Straub Printing Co., cards, invitations, programs and announcements, 164 Galena St., Phone 166

Stephenson County Bank, John S. Collman, Pres., Henry Rohkar, V. Pres., L. R. Jungkunz, Cashier, A. F. Schulte, Ass't Cashier, Capital and undivided profits $350,000, 3% interest paid on time certificates and savings accounts, safety deposit boxes for rent

Sluiter & Brauer, Wall paper, paints, glass, decorating and sign painting, 131 Galena St. Phone 291

Bengston's Gift Store, In selecting commencement gifts why not commemorate this event—one of the most notable in your life—by choosing a diamond? Even a small one, coming as it does on that occasion, carries with it a great deal of sentiment, and the recipient will cherish in a lifetime.

C. H. Little & Co. China! Glassware! Crockery! We deliver. Phone 32

Spelman & Kaney, Henry Spelman, Albert Kaney, Telegraph us, telephone us, pay your bills! A dollar that is past due is late in coming to work. — It doesn't cost a cent to agree with a customer, to disagree often costs a sale.

Fargher's, Books - Pictures - Gifts, 86 Stephenson St.

Senate Hotel, European plan exclusively, Freeport, Illinois, Frank M. Keck, President and Manager, Try our Cafe Service.

Cascade Laundry, Hannah Bros. 16 Stephenson St., Phone 580, "We know how."

The Boston Lunch Room, Open day and night, Home made pies and cakes. Thomas M. Redican, Harry Meyers, We cater to F.H.S. Students, Corner Exchange and Chicago Sts., Opp. Post Office, Phone Main 336

A. C. Emrich, Hickey-Freeman Clothes are as comfortable as an easy conscience—and as bracing as a tonic! "Quality" Clothing and Furnishings, Hickey-Freeman, Society Brand

Swartz & Crawford, Prescription Druggists, Waterman Fountain Pens. Wearever Rubber Goods, Exclusive sale of red cross remedies, Opposite Court House, Freeport, Illinois

The H. A. Hillmer Co. Coal, coke, wood, grain, seeds, feed, Phone 43, 12 Exchange Street, Freeport, Illinois

Strand - Majestic, Go to the Movies, Take someone with you who hasn't seen an animated picture in recent years. They are different now.

Illinois Northern Utilities Co., Use electricity for better light.

John F. Trunk, the House of Good Fuel, Coal, wood and coke, City scales weight, Phone 309

Billerbeck Bakery, Harvest Bread, cookies, cakes, 24 S. Galena Ave., Phone Main 122

Miller & Carroll, "The live clothing store." Kuppenheimer clothes for young men.

Harley-Davidson Bicycle

Wm. Walton Nephews, Freeport, Illinois, We make mistakes—not so those who buy, Clothes here, for "Money Back or Satisfaction Guaranteed." Both price and quality.

John Schwarz & Sons, Wholesale and retail, Wallpaper, paints, oils, glass, varnishes, Phone 714, 76 Galena Street, Freeport, Ill.

Robert P. Eckert, Attorney at Law, 141 Stephenson Street 141, Freeport, Ill.

Emerick & Ringer for Diamonds, 101 Stephenson St., Freeport, Ill

The Big Store, Wachlin & Pfeiffer, Bros., Clothing and Shoes, 80-82 Stephenson St., Freeport, Ill.

Kuehner Bros, Furniture - Rugs - Draperies, Established 1857, Galena St., Freeport, Illinois

Angelos, Where the eats are eatable

E & W Clothing House, Five Stores, Freeport, Rockford, Sterling, Springfield, Sioux City, Our young men's department features the newest styles in clothing, furnishing goods, young ladies' and young men's shoes. Six store buying power saves your money. 107-109 Galena Street, Freeport, Illinois

Bilger, Freeport, Ill, Good Photographs, 117 Stephenson Street 117, Graduates, Don't neglect to have your photographs taken in your graduation togs—diploma and all. Next to your wedding picture, it will give you more genuine pleasure and satisfaction in after years than any other. Prices reasonable, satisfaction guaranteed.

Koppel and Koppel, Ladies & misses wear, 56 Stephenson St. Freeport, Illinois, "It's the merchandise that counts." There is hardly a day that goes by that there is not something new comes into our shop with the latest modes of dependable merchandise, our prices always right. In your next wants think of Koppel & Koppel. "We appreciate your business." The best in coats, suits, dresses, waists, skirts.

Read the Daily Journal-Standard if you want the news.

New Method Shoes, "Those better shoes for less money." New Method foot wear contains an individuality of style that appeals to people of refined taste. You know there are no better fitting or wearing shoes made. Prices $2.85, $3.85 to $7.85. 121 Stephenson St., Freeport, Ill., Over Brown & Dollmeyer's—Up-Stairs., James Campbell, Mgr.

C. A. Moers Shoes, Phone Main 864, 135 Stephenson St., Freeport, Ill. Opposite Court House

Second National Bank, It is your patriotic duty to be thrifty. Deposit your savings with us. We pay 3%.

C. H. Straub, Confectionery and Ice Cream, 112 Galena St.

Eat Wagner's Ice Cream, It's good, retail and wholesale

The Freeport Hardware Co., Jobbers and retailers of hardware, 114-116 Galena St., Freeport, Ill, The Reeves Wood Split Pulleys, cold rolled shafting, leather, rubber and canvass belt lacing, water & steam hose, heavy & light hardware, automobile sundries, blacksmith tools, machinist's tools, steam goods, etc.

Lichtenberger Bros., Sanitary Meat Market, 102 Chicago St., Phone 28

Dollmeyer & Merck, Successors to Brown & Dollmeyer, Tennis Goods—Lowest Prices

Sanitary Laundry Company, 88-90 Exchange Street, Freeport, Phone 22

H. E. Opel Printery, 97 Chicago St., Phone 758, Freeport, Illinois

First National Bank, Established 1864, Freeport, Illinois, Capital $150,000, Surplus and Profits $350,000, 3% interest allowed on savings deposits and time certificates, Your account respectfully solicited.

Mutchler's Novelty Shop, The gift shop in the city, notions, novelties, underwear, hosiery, 161 Galena St.

Rotzler, The Jeweler, everything in jewelry, fountain pens for school students, 94 Chicago St. Freeport, Ill.

Scherb's Millinery, 111 Galena St., Freeport, Ill., John T. Donahue, Ruth Sherb Donahue, Phone Main 502, Successor to F. A. Gochnaur

W. H. Wagner & Sons, Printers. Good printing. This annual is a specimen of our work, Corner Spring and Chicago Sts., Freeport, Ill.


Mrs. P. D. Bauch, Physical Training and General Science
Myrtle Briggs, Physical Training
Adelbert Beyers, History
Belle L. Brooks, Commercial Branches
Louis Sanborn Brown, Commercial Arithmetic and Geography

Nettie K. Courtney, Mathematics

Margaret Davenport, Librarian

Mary Elsie English, English

Luther A. Fulwider, Principal and United States History

Vida A. Graham, History
Mable S. Greenwald, Commercial Branches

Thomas A. Hargreaves, Music
Lucius M. Hiatt, Director of Band and Orchestra
Ruby A. Hoefer, English

Selma Sophie Koenig, Latin, Spanish, French
Alma Kruse, Home Economics

Charles G. Maple, Football Coach, Basketball Coach, Wrestling Coach
Mable E. McCreedy, Art
Louis Mensenkamp, Mathematics
David Milliren, Manual Training and Mechanical Drawing
Clarence J. Monroe, Physics and Chemistry

Ruth H. Rau, English
Allie M. Reitzell, Mathematics
Clara M. Ryan, English

Marie Schmidt, Botany and Modern History
Sidonie K. Seewald, Latin
Arthur C. Serfling, Commercial Branches
Mrs. Sina S. Skinner, English

Marion E. Werntz, Domestic Art
Francis Louise Wertz, English

Ford Zartman, Mathematics

Naomie Burnwood, Secretary to the Principal

George Zipf

George K. Zipf

George Kingsley Zipf was born on January 7, 1902, and died of cancer at age 48 on September 25, 1950. Two older brothers Charles and Robert, served in World War I.

He was president of his Sophomore class, Vice President of his Senior class, and Editor of the 1919 Polaris. He also won the Science Cup, the German Cup, the History Cup and the Mathematics Cup. He earned a Freeport Letter "F" in English.

After high school, he went to Harvard, graduating in 1924, summa cum laude. He did advanced studies at the University of Berlin where he began examining language as a natural phenomenon. He returned to Harvard and earned his Ph.D. in comparable philology. He wrote at least six books and published more than 30 articles.

He studied the frequency of words in language, and offered a mathematical formula which is known as "Zipf's Law." Scholars now believe that he was 50 years ahead of his time. Zipf's Law is the basis of website page rankings, or how search engines work. The next time you Google something, think of George Zipf, FHS Class of 1919.

Structo ad

Ad for the Structo Manufacturing Company. My sister, Claudia Bike Painter, Class of 1962, worked at Structo for a couple of summers. Structo made toys and later barbeque grills. This ad, published in 1919, shows several toys including a Boys' Engineering Outfit and a Structo Auto Builder "that includes all the Mechanical Principals of a real automobile."

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