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Remarkable Stories,
Volume 1

by Robert Bike

Remarkable events have happened in Freeport and Stephenson County, Illinois, and remarkable people have lived there. These are stories gathered about people and events from 1835 through World War II.

By no means complete, these are overviews of lives and events which shaped our country and our world. From events in the lives of Tutty Baker, Abraham Lincoln, Charles Guiteau, Leonard Colby, Jane Addams and Bob Wienand come stories that will amaze you. Welcome to Volume 1 of our living history.

The author lives in Eugene, Oregon, and works as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Life Coach. An amateur historian, parts of these stories and many more appear on this website.

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Biblical Aromatherapy

by Robert Bike

The Bible mentions about 232 plants by name, or closely enough to figure out what plant is meant. Of these, 24 are aromatic plants; that is, parts of the plants can be pressed or distilled to get an essential oil. Essential oils are the lifeblood of plants and have tremendous healing capabilities.

The healing power of plants is the basis for modern medicines.

Biblical Aromatherapy
discusses how the plants were used in biblical days and how you can use the essential oils from biblical plants.

Originally published in manuscript form in 1999, I completely revised the book and added illustrations.

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Robert Bike

Robert Bike, LMT, LLC

The Polaris is the high school annual from Freeport High School, Freeport, Illinois.

All text and photos Copyright 2002 - present Robert L. Bike, except for direct quotes from the Polaris, uncopyrighted material in the public domain.

The Class of 1917

The 1917 Polaris

Mildred Alberts, Bordner Ascher, Roscoe Askey,

Mildred Backus, John Baumgartner, Emily Becker, Morris Beddoes, Herbert Biersach, Raymond Billerbeck, Donald Billig, John Britt, Nina Brown, Maelyn Burchell, Edward Burwell,

Rose Cohen, Isabel Colvin,,

Earle De Voe, Ruth Dinderman-Terry, Francis Doyle,

Roman Edler,

Vena Frederick, Paul Frisbie, Herman Furen,

Lucile Gibler, Mildred Graham, Helen Gray,

Marion Haren, Marion Hilmer, Elmer Hodel, Mildred Holmes, Letha Howe,

Stanley Kahl, Harold Keister, Elizabeth Kelly, Delbert Kerchner, Myrtle Knauff, Katherine Knecht,

Chester Langenstein, Wilma Larimore, Alvin Lenz, Leferne Ley, Catherine Lichtenberger, Harold Liebenstein, Russell Liebenstein, George Lipscomb, Ruth Littlefield,

Clarence Mayer, Emma McMillen-Kincannon, Gladys Mellot, Edna Mideke, Beulah Miller, Katherine Molter, Russell Mulnix, Harry Myers,

Eunice Nagle, Charles Neuberger, Margaret Noble,

Paul Offenheiser, Royal Offenheiser,

Marion Patterson, Warner Paul, Grace Peck, Ralph Phillips,

Kenneth Ridgway, Harry Ritzman, Neva Ritzman, Leo Rowen, Ralph Rummelhagen,

Eleanor Sanford, Clarence Scanlan, Leonard Schaefer, Gertrude Schlegel, Dorothea Schmidt, Orville Schoeffel, Paul Schoeffel, Lucille Schroeder, Harry Seachrist, Joseph Singer, Ethel Smith, Roy Snyder, Oscar Speaker, Evelyn Staver, Harlan Stoller, Corall Strohm,

Mildred Taylor, Marguerite Tempelmayr, Clara Thoren, Josephine Thro,

Joseph Vaughn, Clyde Vipond,

Elsa Wagner, William Wilkinson, Harry Wilson, Barbara Winchell, Edith Wise, Olive Wolfe, Frances Wright, Blanche Wyler,

Henry Young,

Delbert Zimmerman.

World War I Veterans from the Class of 1917

Morris Beddoes, S.A.T.C., Navy.

Donald Billig, S.A.T.C., Beloit.

Herbert Biersach, S.A.T.C., Beloit. Died of Influenza.

Raymond Billerbeck, S.A.T.C., University of Illinois.

Edward Burwell, S.A.T.C., Northwestern University.

Earle DeVoe, U.S. Naval Reserve.

Roman Edler, Infantry, Overseas.

Paul Frisbie, Navy.

Stanley Kahl, Cavalry, France.

Chester Langenstein, Musician, Great Lakes Naval Training Station.

George Lipscomb, S.A.T.C., Northwestern University.

Harry Myers, S.A.T.C., Lake Forest.

Charles Neuberger, S.A.T.C.

Leo Rowen, Navy. Engineer's Department on Battleship "Georgia."

Clarence Scanlan, S.A.T.C., University of Illinois.

Oscar Speaker, S.A.T.C.

Harlan Stoller, S.A.T.C., Knox College.

Clyde Vipond, S.A.T.C., "Y" College, Chicago.

Delbert Zimmerman, S.A.T.C., University of Illinois.

George Dewey Lipscomb was probably the first black person to graduate from Freeport High School. He is the only non-white in the 1919 Polaris from any graduation class. Black Abe was the first black to attend Freeport schools in 1846, but I cannot find a record that he graduated.

In 1915, during Freeport's 80th birthday party, there was a pageant celebrating historical events in Freeport, including the 1858 Lincoln-Douglas debate. Lipscomb played the abolitionist Frederick Douglass. (FHS principal Luther Fulwider played John Addams, father of Jane Addams; Frank Furst, founder of Furst-McNess played Abraham Lincoln; and Roscoe Carnahan played Stephen A. Douglas.)

Lipscomb won the State Oratorical championship while at FHS. He went on to Northwestern University, where he won other oratorical honors.

He taught at Wiley College, West Virginia State College, and at Howard University in Washington, D. C. His play, "Frances" won the National Opportunity Prize.

Lipscomb became a published author:

Bobby on Safari in the Elephant Country by George Lipscomb and Elton C. Fax (1938)

Dr. George Washington Carver, Scientist by Shirley Graham, George Dewey Lipscomb, and Elton C. Fax (1944)

Handbook for Students of Speech

Tales From the Land of Simba (A Wonderful World Book) by George Dewey Lipscomb (1961), written for the New York City Board of Education.

Lipscomb's co-authors are of note.

Elton Fax was one of America's best black artists. Over a 60-year career, he illustrated more than 30 books and drew a weekly cartoon strip, "Susabelle."

Shirley Graham was an early black American author, playwright, composer, and activist. She married W.E.B. DuBois.

His book about Carver has been translated into seven languages and is used by the State Department in information centers.

Freeport General Hospital

Freeport General Hospital in 1917.

The 1917 Polaris listed occupations of Alumni from the Classes of 1913 to 1917.

Stenographers & Bookkeepers

Graduate Year Company Location
Gladys Andres 1913 Walsh Plumbing Freeport
Lola Baymiller 1913 Northwestern Freight Freeport
May Bean 1913 Stephens Motor


Emeline Beardsley 1915 Hastings, Nebraska
Ruth Bissekumer 1914 Wm. Walton Nephews Freeport
Lucille Bookman 1915 Dirksen's Planing Mill
Bethel Brown 1913 Midland Lumber Freeport
Gladys Brubaker 1916 Rawleigh Freeport
Donald Burns 1915 Midland Lumber Yates City
Dorothy Cardin 1916 Young's Paint Shop Freeport
Florence Dampman 1916 Stover Freeport
Estelle Davis 1915 Rawleigh Freeport
Julia Demeter 1914 Lansing, Michigan
Margaret Donahue 1914 Rawleigh Freeport
Marguerite Doyle 1915 Rawleigh Freeport
Dewey Eder 1916 Midland Lumber Freeport
Mildred Edler 1915 Hoefer Mfg. Freeport
Francis Farnum 1914 I. C. Office Freeport
Cathryn Farnum 1913 I. C. Office Freeport
Ruth Gasser 1913 Chicago
Herbert Grattelo 1913 Rawleigh Traffic Dept. Freeport
Martha Gueth 1916 Freeport Creamery Freeport
Lloyd Haase 1915 Rawleigh Freeport
Gladys Hanna 1916 Rawleigh Freeport
Mildred Hawley 1914 Williamsburg Insurance Freeport
Stella Jury 1915 Stover Engine Works Freeport
Bernice Knapp 1916 Williamsburg Insurance Freeport
Helen Knauff 1914 Fidelity Loan Freeport
Russell Knoble 1915 Knoble Flour & Feed Store Freeport
Florence Koenig 1914 Guyer & Son Wholesale House Freeport
Frances Lavelle 1913 Rawleigh Freeport
Hilda Luedeking 1916 Waterloo, Iowa
Frances Manion 1916 Rawleigh Freeport
Esther Matter 1913 Y.M.C.A. Freeport
Margaret Maurer 1916 Arcade Mfg. Freeport
Kathleen McCoy 1915 Stover Mfg. Freeport
Marie Merck 1913 F. A. Read Freeport
Blanche Moyer 1916 Court House Abstract Dept. Freeport
Maxcie Musselman 1916 Furst-McNess Freeport
Lillian Newmiller 1914 Dorman & Co. Freeport
Helen Oblander 1914 Rawleigh Freeport
Elizabeth Osten 1916 Rawleigh Freeport
Lucretia Porter 1915 City Clerk's Office Freeport
Elsie Resh 1916 Williamsburg Insurance Freeport
Ruth Rinderman 1914 Stukenberg & Borchers Dry Goods Store Freeport
Helen Sage 1915 I. C. Office Freeport
Madelyn Schumacher 1916 Freeport Tire Freeport
Sidney Smith 1913 Pennsylvania Lines Chicago
Margaret Sweeney 1916 C. M. & St. P. Freight Office Freeport
Olga Tappe 1916 Stover Mfg. Freeport
Clarice Taylor 1913 Chamber of Commerce Freeport
Beatrice Thomas 1914 Water Co. Office Freeport
Esther Trollope 1915 Structo Mfg. Freeport
Irene Ulrich 1913 Office of Co. Supt. Freeport
Leah Vaupel 1916 Furst-McNess Freeport
Mildred Voigt 1914 Williamsburg Insurance Freeport
Winnifred Wareham 1913 Freeport
Marjorie Weir 1914 Freeport
Helen Wells 1915 Northern Steel & Concrete Freeport
Alice Wilkey 1916 Freeport Auto Sales Freeport
Margaret Wilson 1915 Stover Mfg. Freeport
Ethyl Witt 1916 F. W. Kirtland Law Office Freeport
Julia Wheat 1915 Wheat's Dept. Store Freeport


Graduate Year School Topic Location
Barbara Anderson 1915 Toogood
Lillian Barrett 1913 Becker
Mary DeBeer 1913 South Dakota
Lucille Carter 1916 Annawan
Myrtle Everts 1914 Music Chicago
John Fair 1914 Manual Training Finley, Ohio
Catharine Fisher 1916 Waddams Grove
Lorene Frank 1915 Red Oak
Dorothy Fuller 1915 Rockford
Valerie Geraty 1916 Hayes
Coryl Gilbert 1914 Orangeville Orangeville
Marguerite Goodman 1916 Riverside
Alta Haithcox 1913 Pleasant Hill
Grace Hartman 1915 Rosebud Kindergarten Freeport
Hazel Hert 1913 Hershey
Hazel Kaiser 1914 Elroy Elroy
Julia Kirchefer 1914 Lincoln Ave. Freeport
Vivian Kostenbader 1913 Lancaster
Maylou Ludwig 1914 East Freeport Freeport
Edith Lyon 1913 South Dakota
Enolia McCluhan 1913 Expression Freeport
Hilda Parks 1914 Orangeville
Helen Phillips 1915 Wagner
Rose Phillips 1916 Brush Creek Orangeville
Jean Place 1913 Centennial
Marie Place 1914 Third Ward Freeport
Lillian Resh 1914 Manny Lena
Nellie Resh 1915 McConnell
Marie Rigney 1916 Blackhawk
Vernie Schleunig 1916 Union Shannon
Lewis Schwartz 1914 Stephenson County
Ethel Shearer 1913 Substitute Freeport
Helen Swanzey 1916 Ridott Center Ridott
Mildred Swartz 1913 Substitute Freeport
Lois Taggart 1913 State School for Deaf Drawing Fulton, Missouri
Rachel Walters 1915 White Poplar
Harry Wheat 1915 Silver Creek
Fairie Wieman 1914 Substitute Freeport
Viola Young 1916 Prairie Hill


Graduate Year School
Esther Albrecht 1915 DeKalb State Normal
Stanley Antrim 1916 Dartmouth College
Milo Atkins 1914 University of Illinois
Mabel Ballschmidt 1915 Nurses Training School, Waterloo, Iowa
Dorothy Bauscher 1915 DeKalb Normal
John Bennehof 1916 University of Illinois
Mae Betts 1916 Oak Park, Music
Jerald Bigelow 1915 Chicago Art Institute
Margaret Blust 1916 St. Mary's of the Woods
Homer Boelter 1916 Northwestern College
Orville Borchers 1916 Northwestern University
Jeanette Bowler 1915 University of Illinois
Marie Britt 1914 University of Illinois
Raymond Britt 1913 University of Illinois
Myrtle Brobst 1916 Northwestern University
Angelina Brockmeier 1913 University of Illinois
Martha Brockmeier 1915 University of Illinois
Minnie Brunnemer 1913 Oberlin College
Frances Burritt 1916 Grand Rapids, Michigan
William Calkins Jr. 1915 Beloit College
Ruth Capron 1915 Mt. Holyoke College
Clifford Lloyd 1913 U. S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland
Ruth Countryman 1916 Illinois State Normal
Bessie Craiger 1913 Illinois State Normal
Clifford Daniels 1914 Dartmouth College
Leonard Davis 1913 University of Illinois
Theodore Demeter 1916 University of Illinois
Raymond DeVoe 1914 University of Illinois
Homer Dietmeier 1914 University of Illinois
Edwin Dildine 1916 University of Illinois
Clark Eichelberger 1914 Northwestern University
Dwight Emerick 1916 University of Illinois
Doris Engle 1916 Rockford College
William Ennenga 1916 Northwestern College
Lawrence Fisher 1913 University of Illinois
LeRoy Foss 1916 University of Illinois
Doris Freidag 1916 Nurses Training School, Chicago
Elizabeth Fugate 1916 Post-Graduate
James Fulwider 1915 University of Illinois
Florence Green 1916 Indianapolis, Indiana
Herbert Hannah 1916 Beloit College
James Hea 1914 West Point U. S. Military Academy
Harold Hettinger 1916 Cornell University
Dorothy Hettinger 1913 Mt. Holyoke College
Boyd Hill 1916 Cornell University
Glenn Holmes 1916 Lake Forest
Merrill Hoefer 1914 University of Wisconsin
Fern Hookstra 1915 University of Nebraska
Helen Hoy 1915 night student at Business College
Ruth Hurd 1914 Carthage College
Chester Hurley 1916 University of Washington
Fred Jansen 1914 Lake Forest College
Marjorie Johnson 1915 Knox College
William Jungkunz 1913 University of Wisconsin
Jennie Kahl 1913 Nurses Course, Globe Hospital
Raymond Karcher 1914 University of Wisconsin
Katharine Keene 1916 Milwaukee Downer
Marie Keller 1916 Post Graduate
Emil Kirchner 1916 Cornell College, Mt. Vernon
George Kleckner 1916 University of Illinois
Kenneth Knowlton 1915 Dartmouth College
Bessie Kyler 1914 University of Illinois
Marjorie Lacy 1915 Notre Dame
Russell Laible 1915 University of Illinois
Cleo Lamb 1916 University of Wisconsin
C. B. Langenstein 1915 University of Illinois
Charles Lavelle 1916 University of Illinois
Helen Luebbing 1914 University of Chicago
Frances Manchester 1915 Hospital, Chicago
Charles Markel 1913 Armour Institute
Eleanor McClurken 1913 Kindergarten College, Chicago
Gertrude McDermid 1915 Normal, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Elizabeth McNary 1915 Mt. Holyoke
Ardath Mishler 1916 Carthage College
Laura Murdaugh 1916 Illinois Woman's College
Ruth Nagle 1914 Detroit Art Institute
Lynn Peters 1916 Rockford
Robert Pfeil 1914 Bible Institute, Chicago
Dorothy Place 1915 University of Illinois
Wilbur Rawleigh 1914 Northwestern University
Frank Reed 1916 Beloit College
Marie Reints 1916 Knox College
Orletta Rideout 1916 Knox College
Raymond Ridgway 1914 Lake Forest University
Marion Rockey 1916 Post Graduate
Kathryn Royer 1913 Knox College
Edwin Ryan 1913 Notre Dame
Russell Ryan 1916 University of Chicago
Ruth Rybolt 1915 Valparaiso University
Margaret Russell 1914 University of Wisconsin Corresp. Crse.
Barbara Schar 1916 Post Graduate
Marie Schlenk 1915 University of Chicago
Genevieve Schmich 1916 Mt. Holyoke
Margaret Schulte 1915 University of Wisconsin
Alice Shaefer 1915 Nurses Training School
Kurt Siecke 1913 University of Wisconsin
Lucille Smith 1915 Mt. Holyoke
Clifford Snively 1916 Beloit College
Harold Snyder 1916 University of Illinois
Alex Steenrod 1913 Dartmouth College
Beulah Stewart 1914 University of Illinois
Harry Stewart 1914 Illinois State Normal University
Mary Taft 1915 Cornell College
Harriet Thomas 1914 Mt. Holyoke
Irene Thoren 1914 Naperville College
Margaret Wagner 1916 University of Wisconsin
Lilah Wells 1914 Maryland Women's College
Ruth Wicks 1915 DeKalb Normal
Paul Williams 1916 University of Illinois
Naomi Winters 1915 Northwestern University
Ford Zartman 1914 Harvard University
Charles Zipf 1916 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Miscellaneous Professions

Graduate Year Profession
Max Antrim 1913 Enlisted in U. S. Navy
Frederick Arden 1914 Working for civil engineer at I. C.
Ralph Aspinwall 1916 Moline Plow
William Barnds 1914 Chauffeur, Freeport
Merton Beck 1916 Ridgway Electric
Ray Bolender 1916 Farmer, Cedarville
George Bonn 1914 Business in Freeport
Jeanette Borgemier 1914 Pathologist, Decatur & Macon County Hospital
Hanry Brau 1914 Clerk for I. C.
Clark Brubaker 1916 Barber-Collman, Rockford
Malcolm Byerly 1913 Bell Telephone, Chicago
Leslie Crockett 1913 Florsheim Shoe, Chicago
Edwin Davis 1916 Woolworth's, Rock Island
Lawrence Dippell 1915 Water Company, Freeport
Louise Dittman 1913 Waldecker Shop, Freeport
Morrell Ditzler 1914 Clerk, Pearl City
Paul Donahue 1914 I. C., Freeport
Paul Dustman 1915 Carpenter, Freeport
Ethel Eels 1915 Clerk at Schram's, Winslow
Valda Mae Eels 1915 Dressmaker, Freeport
William Edmondson 1914 Clerk at Senate Hotel, Freeport
Noel Elvey 1915 Salesman, Rice & Co.
Robert Elvey 1915 Marshall, Field & Co., Chicago
Lemo Eson 1916 Clerk, Master Mechanic's Office, I. C.
James Fitzpatrick 1915 Clerk, I. C. Office
Torrey Foy 1915 Cashier, Emmerson Brantingham Co., Rockford
John Frank 1913 Civil Service, Freeport
Edward Grant 1916 Clerk, Emmerson Brantingham Co., Rockford
Marion Gray 1916 Woolworth's, Freeport
Isabel Gugger 1915 Clerk, Williamsburg Insurance, Freeport
Julius Guhl 1915 25 and 50 cent Store, Chicago
Marvin Guhl 1914 Enlisted in U. S. Army
Roy Guhl 1916 Bakery, Freeport
Donald Hanke 1916 Marshall, Field & Co., Chicago
Zella Harnish 1913 Arkansas
John Hart 1914 Laundry, Freeport
Harwood Herlocker 1916 Printing Dept., Rawleigh
Oscar Hill Jr. 1915 Billing Dept., Rawleigh
Emil Hoefer 1915 Emmerson Brantingham Co., Rockford
Karl Hoffman 1915 Inspector, Stephens Motor Co., Freeport
Paul Irwin 1914 Chemist, Bowman Dairy, Chicago
Oliver Jastram 1915 Cost Dept., Stover Mfg., Freeport
Orrin Kahl 1915 Filing Room, Rawleigh
Marcie Kennison 1913 Stage, Chicago
Leo Koehler 1915 Billing, Rawleigh
Hugh Kleckner 1913 Office Work, Stephens Motor Co., Freeport
Russell Knott   United States Army
Edwin Krape 1914 Pharmacist, Freeport
Henry Kunz 1916 First National Bank, Freeport
Robert Langenstein 1913 First National Bank, Freeport
Harriet Lennox 1913 Hair Dressing, Stukenberg & Borchers
Harry Liggett 1915 Superintendent's Assistant, Stephenson County Telephone Company
Henry Lichtenberger 1913 General Dept., I. C., Freeport
Leo Lonergan 1913 Salesman, Danielson's
Marie Ludolph 1916 Filing Room, Williamsburg Insurance, Freeport
Harry Ludwig 1915 Insurance Agent, Waterloo, Iowa
Elmer McCool 1913 Freeport Carriage Co.
Weber Meyers 1913 Merchant, Scioto Mills
Ellsworth Mulnix 1913 Farmer, Damascus
Emory Mulnix 1916 Farmer, Damascus
Mabel Murphy 1915 Telegraph Operator, Western Union, Chicago
Julius Nix 1913 Arcade Mfg.
Ruth Nute 1916 Swan's Music Store
Dan Owens 1916 Condensing Dept., Pecatonica
Helen Palmer 1915 DeJongh's Millinery, Freeport
John Petrie 1913 Post Office, Chicago
Maurice Phillips 1913 Traveling Man, Texas
Bert Prall 1913 Salesman, Freeport
Myrtle Prall 1914 Librarian, Freeport Public Library
Muriel Rice 1913 Rice's Store, Freeport
George Rideout 1914 Enlisted in Aviation Corps, U. S. Army
Thomas Rigney 1913 Automobile Dealer, Freeport
Merton Rogers 1915 Cost Dept., Stephens Motor Co., Freeport
Edward Seitz 1916 Office work, Stephens Motor Co., Freeport
Lloyd Sensenbaugh 1913 Clerk, Freeport
Earl Sinclair 1915 Shipping Clerk, Stover Mfg., Freeport
Walter Shook 1914 Traveling Salesman, Goodyear Rubber Co.
Reint Sluiter 1915 Farmer, German Valley
Paul Smith 1915 Office, Moline Plow Co., Freeport
Clarence Snyder 1913 Farmer, Freeport
Blanche Soper 1913 Clerk, Wm. Walton Nephews, Freeport
Hazel Spielman 1916 Allington's Music Store, Freeport
Ralph Stein 1913 German Bank, Freeport
Ruth Stewart 1915 Bell Telephone, Freeport
Harry Stine 1913 Second National Bank, Freeport
Harold Sumner 1916 Confectioner's Store, Pecatonica
Fred Taylor 1915 Claim Clerk, Great Western RR, Waterloo, Iowa
Robin Thomas 1913 Marshall, Field & Co., Chicago
Donald Thoren 1914 Office, Rawleigh, Freeport
Etta Tisdell 1915 Huenkemeier Grocery Store, Freeport
Marjorie Ullman 1915 Office Work, Kenosha, Wisconsin
Henry Walker 1915 Clerk, Mailing Dept., ICRR
Harold Waldecker 1914 Physical Director, YMCA, Clinton, Illinois
Leonard Wernicke 1914 Salesman of Aluminum, Freeport
Fred Wheat 1913 Salesman, Freeport
Frank Wicks 1914 Office, Rawleigh, Freeport
Royal Wilds 1915 Superintendent's Office, Stephens Motor Co.
Mary Wilson 1913 Ticket Seller at Princess Theater, Freeport
Earl Woodring 1916 ICRR, Rockford
Pearl Yeager 1915 Draper, Nat Ribback Garment Co., Freeport
Edward Young 1913 Northern Utility Co., Chicago
Wilson Young 1915 Manager, American Radiator Co., Chicago

No Trade or Profession Listed

Graduate Year Location
Katharine Berry 1914 Green Bay, Wisconsin
Margaret Bauch 1916 Freeport
Grace Beeler 1913 Freeport
Harriet Cox 1915 Freeport
Eder Jennings 1916 Farm, Boland
Dorothy Ellis 1916 Jackson, Michigan
Phyllis Freidag 1916 Freeport
Winnifred Haren 1915 Freeport
Gertrude Janssen 1916 Freeport
Imogene Jungkunz 1915 Freeport
Muriel Kettle 1914 Detroit, Michigan
Mary Lacy 1913 Freeport
Josephine Lawver 1916 Freeport
Bessie Luce 1913 Freeport
Viola Meyers 1913 Scioto Mills
Esther Powell 1914 Freeport
Luella Powell 1913 Freeport
Ella Reedy 1916 Freeport
Lenora Rideout 1913 Freeport
Grace Rigney 1914 Scioto Mills
Amy Schenken 1916 Marion, Iowa
Lettie Schmertman 1913 Freeport
Irene Schofield 1913 Freeport
Helen Schulte 1913 Freeport
Marie Schulte 1913 Freeport
Hazel Snyder 1915 Freeport
Gertrude Stadel 1913 Rock City
Ethel Stewart 1916 Freeport
Frieda Stoller 1916 Freeport
Nathan Studebaker 1915 Seward
Amanda Vaupel 1913 Freeport
Gladys Welch 1914 Freeport
Marjorie Weir 1914 Freeport
Wilma Wolford 1914 Freeport


Graduate Year Location
Leona Allen-Springman 1915 Scioto Mills
Margaret Backus-Ottenhausen 1914 Freeport
Beryl Bertalot-Palmer 1914 Freeport
Mildred Best-McCool 1914 Freeport
Robert Betts
1913 Chicago
Caro Boos-Rawleigh 1917 Freeport
Lois Clark-Noakes 1916 Freeport
Leone Fetterhof-Engle 1913 Freeport RFD
Vera Foss-Heck 1913  
Esther Guenseler-Smith 1914 Freeport
Alta Heeren-Wilhelm 1915  
Myrtle Karlen-Fritz 1915 Freeport
Ruth Knoble-Sheetz 1913 Warren
Grace Kuhnke-Lapp 1915 Freeport
Agnes Osborne-Murphy 1913 Rockford
Wilma Pierce-Pettipiece 1913 Freeport
Marie Pfeil-Swalve 1913 Forreston
Ruth Ritzman-George 1914 Beloit, Wisconsin
Iola Schulz-Tenney 1913 Freeport
Doris Schumacher-Waldecker 1915 Freeport
Myrtle Shearer-McGrath 1915 Freeport
Bertha Newman-Shook 1915 Freeport
Venite Strate-Sensenbaugh 1914 Freeport
Ruth Smith-Betts 1913 Freeport
Gertrude Strohacker-Liebetrau 1914 Freeport
Flossie Wagner-Spengler 1913 Freeport
Gladys Youngblut-Werth 1913 Dakota

Cedarville High School

In 1917, Cedarville High School was a two-year program. On June 6, 1917, five girls graduated. They were: Helen Bear, Frances Hartman, Bernice Lapp, Lois Smith and Leila Strohm.

Polaris Home

Freeport High School

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