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I graduated from Freeport (Illinois) High School.
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Remarkable Stories,
Volume 1

by Robert Bike

Remarkable events have happened in Freeport and Stephenson County, Illinois, and remarkable people have lived there. These are stories gathered about people and events from 1835 through World War II.

By no means complete, these are overviews of lives and events which shaped our country and our world. From events in the lives of Tutty Baker, Abraham Lincoln, Charles Guiteau, Leonard Colby, Jane Addams and Bob Wienand come stories that will amaze you. Welcome to Volume 1 of our living history.

The author lives in Eugene, Oregon, and works as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Life Coach. An amateur historian, parts of these stories and many more appear on this website.

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Biblical Aromatherapy

by Robert Bike

The Bible mentions about 232 plants by name, or closely enough to figure out what plant is meant. Of these, 24 are aromatic plants; that is, parts of the plants can be pressed or distilled to get an essential oil. Essential oils are the lifeblood of plants and have tremendous healing capabilities.

The healing power of plants is the basis for modern medicines.

Biblical Aromatherapy
discusses how the plants were used in biblical days and how you can use the essential oils from biblical plants.

Originally published in manuscript form in 1999, I completely revised the book and added illustrations.

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"My Life Purpose is to inspire my friends
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Robert Bike

Robert Bike, LMT, LLC

The Polaris is the high school annual from Freeport High School, Freeport, Illinois.

All text and photos Copyright 2002 - present Robert L. Bike, except for photos and direct quotes from the Polaris, which is uncopyrighted material in the public domain.

The Class of 1995

1995 Polaris cover

Chantel Allen, Steve Altman, Carrie Anderson, Jason Appell, Rebecca Applegate, Luke Aram, Gabrielle Archer, Candy Armstead, Tamia Armstead, Matt Arn, Hillary Augustine, Darmecia Ausama, Issac Avila,

Michael Backus, Rita Baier, Caleb Bain, Stacy Balsamo, Rebecca Balsiger, David Bares, Andrew Barker, Brian Barrett, Jacqueline Bass, Christopher Bauscher, Jocelyn Bausman, John Becker, Robert Bell, Kirsten Binkley, Brigitte Bokemeier, Trisha Boland, Jeremy Bonnet, Jon Bouvia, Angela Bowser, William Bradt, Jenny Brady, Andra Brechtel, Franklin Brennan, Jaymie Brinkmeier, Nathan Brinkmeier, Robert Brinkmeier, Kimberly Brock, Angie Bruce, Nicole Bruce, Brian Bullock, Byron Bullock, Breah Burchell, Amanda Burkhalter, Torrence Bush, Timothy Butterfield, Betsy Byers, Amy Byrnes,

Tim Caplan, Jaymes Carey, Carol Cary, Chad Casavant, Leonardo Campbell, Bernard Cannariato, Jr, Angela Capion, Matthew Carpenter, Laurel Carroll, Serrita Cauthen, Margaret Chung, Antonio Clark, Bettina Clark, Tracy Clay, Amy Coleman, Robyn Collier, Laura Collin, Sarah Conley, Matthew Coomber, Michael Cox, Mark Crain, Ian Cross, Takyscha Cross, Jennifer Crouse, Julian Cunningham,

Nate Dale, Stephanie Dale, Chadwick Damin, Ruth Davis, Beth Dawson, LeAnn Deets, Lucrecia DeMichele, Tanya Deutscher, Michael DeZell, Nikolas Diemer, Lora Dombrow, Jenniffer Downing, Elizabeth Downs, Cara Dreibelbis, Cherie Drew,

Robert Eckert, Michael Erdman, Toni Erdman, Wendy Ertmer, Michelle Esling, Jamila Euells, Cheyenne Eveland,

Marc Fager, Cory Fellows, Alysson Fisher, Brian Fore, Joshua Fosler, Daniel Fraley, John Fransen, Kirsti Freeman, Lucas Frint, Nicole Fruth, Melissa Fryer, Crea Fusco, Christy Fyock,

Tiffany Garnhart, Matthew Geiseman, Evan Geller, Sarah Goers, Sarah Gooding, Brett Gorham, Yolanda Gray, Melissa Grebner, Ketina Green, Haley Greene, Jason Greenly, Ryan Gross,

Heather Halbin, Willie Hall, Jeremy Harnish, Joshua Harnish, Holly Harris, Lisa Hawkins, Walter Hayward, James Hebbard, Clayton Heddinger, Jennifer Hendrickson, Becky Henricks, Ryan Hoefer, Amy Hoefle, Troy Holbert, Thomas Hollister, Daniel Homan, Shawn Homer, Stephanie Hongsermeier, Tamikia Hoskins, Gary Howard, James Hubbard, Melody Huntley, Sabrina Hunziker, Lionel Hutz,

Paul Jackson, Issac Jackson, Matthew Jacobs, Michael Janicke, Jennifer Jansen, Gretchen Janssen, Peter Jennings, Leslie Johnson, Jennifer Jones, Carrie Julius,

John Kalny, Jennifer Kelly, Kerry Kloepping, Brandon Knutti, Katherine Koester, Jenelle Kunkle,

Jason Lamm, Chad Lamm, Kelly Lantau, Stacy Lashinski, Aimee Law, Suzy Lemanski, Kieran Leopold, Matthew Lestikow, Tim Lestikow, Melvina Liburd, Michael Lincoln, Scott Lincoln, Todd Lohr, Marissa Loper, Adeline Love, Maida Ludwig, Pasitale Lupeamanu, Mark Luy, Nathan Luy,

Melissa Maurer, Keith Maynard, Allison McIntyre, Danielle McLain, Antwon McMullen, Kevin McPeek, Doug McWilliams, Scott Mechling, Jason Meier, Kristie Meier, Robin Meinders, Leah Mendelsohn, Daniel Meyers, Rachel Meyer, Stacey Meyers, Melvin Miley, Michael Miller, Lisa Miller, Rachel Miller, Christopher Millward, Aubrey Mitchell, Brian Mitchell, Jessica Monigold, Tanya Monigold, William Mullarkey, Christopher Muller,

Bradley Nampel, Amy Nelson, Dan Neuschwander, Jacqueline Nieman, Thomas Nord,

Megan Oerth, Christine Oudekerk, Michael Overturf,

Jimmy Pandhi, Mehul Parekh, Melissa Parks, Leigh Passick, Tejal Patel, Tyrone Patton, Robert Paul, Chad Perkins, Marcia Perry, Wendy Peska, Chris Peters, Mandy Peters, Steve Peterson, James Pfeiffer, Kelly Pittsley, Cindy Polhamus, Aisha Porter, Anupama Pradhan, Nathan Prasse, Kimberly Pues, Tisha Pyatt,

Fay Raymond, Wesley Reimers, Angela Reining, Deanne Rillie, Michael Robinson, Amanda Rogers, Mark Rotblat, Marcy Rowland, Damon Rucker,

Figen Sala, Katrina Sanders, Michelle Sanders, Ellen Scheuer, Heidi Schick, Tina Schofield, Tiffany Schoop, Kristina Schroeder, Jamie Schwendinger, Megan Schwiesow, Darin Scoggins, Dean Scott, Maurice Seals, David Shaffer, Jennie Shannon, Julius Shelton, Angela Shepley, Laura Shuey, Nicole Signer, Troy Slama, Thomas Slater, Shane Smallwood, Jedediah Smith, Jennifer Smith, Jeremy Smith, Sarah Smith, John Spahn, Patricia Spahn, Michelle St. Andrews, Tricia Stansberry, Brian Statdfield, Lori Stebbins, Damon Stib, Kelli Stocker, Danny Swank, Derek Swift,

Daniel Tanis, Angella Taylor, Erin Teuber, Kirsten Thain, Brandon Thomas, Brendon Thomas, Lindsay Thomas, Wilena Thompson, Seleana Threadgill, Angela Thurmond, Aaron Tibbets, Jennifer Tillery, Michelle Tobin, Michael Toohey, Myron Turks, Sheldon Turner, Travis Turner,

Kyle Untersee, Robert Ussery,

Jeffrey Vautsmeier, Jody Vautsmeier, Lynn Vee, Ragan Venson, Krista Vietmeier,

Timothy Wachlin, Susan Margaret Wagner, Susan Marie Wagner, Argusta Walker, Kevin Walz, Dale Weber, Aaron Wegner, Kevin Wheelock, Julia Whitaker, Chantel White, Mark Whitehead, Carrie Whiton, Christopher Wilhelms, Douglas Wilken, Kristopher Williams, Shauntella Williams, Frederick Williams, Christopher Willis, Dawn Willis, Blake Wilson, Brandy Wilson, Craig Wilson, Megan Winter, Jill Wirth, Stephanie Witt, Sherrie Witte, Amber Worley,

Jaysen York.

Jennifer Crouse is the daughter of my old friend, 1966 graduate Chris Carter and Gerald Crouse.

Jennifer was an outstanding basketball player. She set nine individual Freeport girls basketball records, was all state in basketball twice, won three Division II women’s basketball championships at the University of North Dakota, was named the Division II Player of the Year twice, was inducted into the Illinois Basketball Hall of Fame in 2000, and played basketball professionally from 1999-2009.

Jennifer won the Glenn “Pat” Holmes Recognition Award from the Freeport Pretzels Fans Club. The award has been presented since 1976.

Standing 6'3", she led the girls basketball team to third place state finishes in her junior and senior seasons. She is the team’s career leader in points (2037), rebounds (1227) and blocks (609).

The Pretzels went 32-2 in her junior season (1993-1994) and were undefeated until the state semifinals in her senior season.

Jennifer was all-conference in basketball her sophomore, junior and senior years, and was all-conference in volleyball her junior and senior seasons and all-conference as a goalie in her senior season for the soccer team. She is the only Freeport girls basketball player to score 2,000 points in her career.

North Dakota won the Division II national championship in her sophomore, junior and senior seasons; she was named the Division II Player of the Year twice; she was named to the Division II 25th Anniversary Team in 2006; she was on the NCAA All-Tournament Team in 1997, 1998, & 1999. She was named the NCAA All-Tournament Team Most Outstanding Player in 1998 & 1999; the WBCA Division II Player of the Year in 1998 & 1999 and the NCAA Division II Kodak All-American in 1998 & 1999.

In her college career, Jennifer scored 2284 points (#11 all-time), made 62.7% of her field goals (#7), was #2 in blocked shots with 494, was #4 in blocked shot average with 3.9 per game, and #5 in the 2000 points and 1000 rebounds category with 2284 points and 1145 rebounds.

After graduating from the University of North Dakota, Jennifer played in Barcelona, Spain; five teams in Australia; Athens, Greece; Saarlouis, Germany; and four more years in Australia before retiring.

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